Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Will Raj Kumar and Manmeet be able to celebrate their first month anniversary?


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill has been showing how to break the stereotypical norms set by the society. Raj Kumar is determined to prove doing household chores is equally valuable as other works. This makes Mr Yadav feel humiliated. Will Raj be able to stand against the society?

In the previous episode Manmeet taught a lesson to the staffs who had mocked Raj Kumar for doing household chores. Raj told Puneet that Manmeet has forgotten their one month anniversary so he was planning to surprise her by cooking something special by himself with Puneet’s help.

Bhairav Singh’s important clients came for meeting at his home. He praised Mr Yadav for his values and keeping his family members together.

Raj Kumar worriedly entered inside and asked if Nirali was fine. He said that Pankhuri had messaged him that Nirali got hurt and Mr Yadav wasn’t allowing them to call Raj Kumar.

Pankhuri recalled Priyanka had used her phone. Raj Kumar told how he and Manmeet had divided work and he handles house while she is managing office. Client got impressed by his idealogies and approved the deal.

Later Priyanka again provoked Mr Yadav about how Raj was humiliating them and bringing embarrassing situation for the family. Raj Kumar called Manmeet and asked her to come early. Manmeet told him to tell her what the surprise was or else she will come late.

Will Manmeet and Raj be able to spend quality time together?

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