Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Will Raj Kumar and Manmeet find out Abhishek’s truth?


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Colors TV popular show Sherdil Shergill is all set for a new drama as we see Raj misunderstanding the situation because of plotting by Abhishek and Mr Yadav. Will he trust Manmeet?

In The previous episode Manmeet complained about Raj Kumar that she felt she was handling two kids. Manmeet cried and said she has spoiled her and Anmol’s life getting married to Raj Kumar.

Mr Yadav asked Raj Kumar to pack his luggage as they need to go to Delhi for signing a deal. Manmeet told she will go to Delhi with Abhishek and talk to clients. Nirali saw Abhishek’s family photo in Mr Yadav’s purse and took it. Abhishek said that meeting will be in morning and they need to stay overnight.

Abhishek spiked Manmeet’s drink. She fell unconscious immediately after having it. Mr Yadav and Raj Kumar reached same hotel for the deal. Suddenly Raj Kumar heard Manmeet’s voice and goes to check. Abhishek had played the recording where Manmeet complained about Raj Kumar.

Raj Kumar told that he never thought Manmeet can talk about him loke this. He asked Mr Yadav why he brought him to same hotel however Mr Yadav changed the topic cleverly.

Mr Yadav keot manipulating him against Manmeet. Abhishek told Manmeet that his partners have left for Dubai but agreed to meet them later in Mumbai.

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