Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Will Raj Kumar be able to solve the problems he had created?


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Colors TV new show Sherdil Shergill is an interesting story about Manmeet who has established herself as queen on architect and opposite to her is Raj Kumar Yadav who is currently an intern in her company and is a completely uselessly spoilt brat.

In the previous episode we had seen Manmeet’s sister Gunjan’s marriage was fixed and her in-laws had wanted to meet Manmeet as she is a celebrity. It was shown there were issues amidst their family. Manmeet has a son Anmol whom she gave birth through IVF.

Manmeet’s father invited her to attend Gunjan’s marriage and talked to her after two years but only on condition that she won’t bring Anmol which disheartened Manmeet and she decided not to go.

Manmeet was working on her dream sky city project and Mr Yadav was one of the most important investors because of which Hussain had requested Manmeet to let Raj Kumar Yadav work as intern in the company for a year.

Raj on other hand created trouble for the company by permitting NOC for certain site without any inspection however he met Manmeet and guaranteed her that he would solve the issues he had created.

In the upcoming episodes we will see more of this interesting boss and intern duo who cannot tolerate each other at all!

To know what’s happening next stay tuned!