Shubharambh Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Shubharambh Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Shubharambh Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Raja announcing that everyone’s position will be the same in shop even after this but he will remain owner of the shop. He also says that he can never trust them the same way again but they will have the same place in the house. Hitank can work like before too and it’s Mota Papa’s wish whether he want to come to shop or not. Fufa ji praises Raja for his good nature. Hitank asks Raja if he’s sure about it and he nods yes. Hitank hugs him and cries. Raja asks Rani if we took the right decision but finds her missing. He wonders where she is.

At home Aasha is crying seeing her husband and son’s picture. She says that today is the best day of her life. She gets angry recalling Gunwant and Kirdida’s foul play but is also happy that Raja is now the owner and he got to know the true colors. Raja comes there searching for Rani but doesn’t find her there. Aasha says that she might have gone to her mother’s house right from shop. He decides to go there and Aasha stops him. She asks him to bring her back at any cost as she wants to ask forgiveness from her for all that she did to her. She says that their life is having a new start only because of her and she wants to welcome her again with all due respect. Raja agrees and leaves.

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Rani’s sister is on phone who says that her father and mother have gone to Surat and are stuck in curfew. Rani comes there and she greets her. Rani acts weird and she realizes that something is wrong and asks what happened. She says about Mota Papa and Moti Mummy gets exposed and her sister gets happy hearing. She asks why’s she sad then and asks if Raja said anything to her but she nods no. She says that Raja didn’t do anything but she has something to do. Raja comes there at the same time and asks what it is. He greets her sister and apologizes for his mistake. She asks me him to let it go. She finds the tension between and leaves making some excuses.

Raja looks at Rani but she ignores him. He keeps their childhood shoes in front of her and asks for a chance to give a new start to their relationship. Rani asks him how many times will they have to have a new start for their relationship. She recalls the numerous times she was accused by his family for being a thief. She says that everytime their status came as a hurdle for their relationship and every single time he believed it. She recalls him not trusting her words about blind faith and taking decision to not go to shop.

She confronts him over him insulting his parents asking them to take her away from home. She also reminds him of blaming her for being greedy when she tried showing the real face of Mota Papa and let everyone call her shameless. She says that he even threw her out of the house but she still tolerated everything as she knows he’ll be forever kept in dark by Mota Papa and Moti Mummy. Raja says that he acknowledges all his mistakes and apologizes for the same. He also says that his trust Mota Papa and Moti Mummy and asks her for a last chance.