Sirf Tum 11th March 2022 Written Update: Dean decides to rusticate Ranveer from college


Sirf Tum 11th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer requesting Rakesh that he should not stop Suhani from going to college. Sudha says Ranveer is not a liar and he even wrote on the stamp paper so Rakesh should not allow Suhani to take a break from studies. Rakesh shuts her up and says he agrees with Ansh as he can’t trust a person like Ranveer who didn’t come to his wedding venue even after printing the wedding card. Rakesh says Suhani won’t study in a college where Ranveer is present. Ranveer says you are doing wrong to Suhani and I won’t let it happen. Rakesh says he was talking about this anger of Ranveer. He can’t control his anger in front of elders then who will stop him in college. Rakesh shouts at Ranveer and tells him not to enter his house without permission again. Ansh goes towards Ranveer but the latter tells him not to. Suhani asks Ranveer to leave her alone. She cries hugging Sudha. Ranveer tells Suhani before leaving that noone in this world can stop her from becoming the best doctor.

Ansh waits for Suhani next day and tells her to hurry up. Suhani tells God that Ansh won’t allow her to study again so what she should do now. Someone kidnaps her by covering her head with a black cloth. Ansh tells Asha to check Suhani but Asha calls Ansh. They see doctor’s coat and stethoscope are on the floor. Ansh sees Suhani is leaving with Ranveer in his car. He follows them on his bike. Suhani gets shocked seeing Ranveer. Dean waits for Ranveer as some medical counselors are coming to college and Ranveer will ask them questions and he will represent their college. Dean says he told Ranveer to come on time but he will ruin the college reputation it seems. Ansh meets Dean with his friends and informs him that Ranveer kidnapped Suhani and ran away. He is not in the college. Dean tells them to find Ranveer. He welcomes the medical counselors.

Suhani tells Ranveer to let her go but he says she missed the human brain class so he will teach her today. She says why he is creating issues for her. He says he won’t give her keys of the door until she attends his class. She asks him why he is not in the seminar right now. He will represent his college today. A case can be filed against him for the kidnapping. He says he can get arrested after the class and he mailed the questions to Dean already so theres no need of his presence. Anyone can ask the questions. Suhani attends his class and there Ansh hears Ranveer’s voice from outside. Ranveer finishes his lecture and gives keys to Suhani. Suhani finds Ansh outside and leaves. Ranveer warns Ansh to not fight with him. Ansh takes him to Dean saying he is finished today.

Dean questions Ranveer why he didn’t attend the seminar as he gave his name for that. The reason is also cheap that he kidnapped a first year student and didn’t attend the seminar. Ranveer says he is ready to get arrested. Ansh says Ranveer will get bail easily as he is a rich father’s son. Ansh tells Dean to punish Ranveer. Dean says Ranveer has to apologise to Ansh and Suhani and also has to give reply for the notice from medical association. Ranveer says he didn’t do anything wrong so he won’t do that. Suhani tells him not to sacrifice his own career. Ranveer says he doesn’t care but he won’t say sorry for no reason. Dean says then his rustication papers will be ready.

Episode ends

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