Sirf Tum 15th January 2022 Written Update: Ranveer shares his past with Suhani


The episode starts with Suhani tying bandage on Ranveer’s hand to heal his sprain. Ranveer thanks her and Mita tells them that she is feeling hungry. Ranveer says he will arrange some food for them. Suhani says she will accompany him and if they find some more injured people on their way they can treat them as well. Ranveer agrees.

Suhani says after some time that she is also hungry and Ranveer tells her to wait there and take rest. He will bring food for her. Suhani asks him why he always talks about leaving her. Ranveer says its his order and Suhani should not act stubborn. He draws a square around her and tells her not to cross that else he will get mad at her. Someone notices Suhani from far. Ranveer comes back and doesn’t find Suhani there. He says now where did Suhani go. He searches for her and sees that she is standing near a tree. He tells her to come towards him.

Suhani doesn’t move and some thieves show up. They scare Suhani by holding knives near her neck. Ranveer tells them to leave her and says they don’t have anything now as they saved themselves from a landslide. One thief asks Ranveer to give the expensive watch he is wearing. Ranveer gives him that and also he gives his wallet.

The thieves tell Suhani to give her chain. She refuses saying the chain belongs to her Dadi and Sudha gave her that. The thieves injure her neck with the knife and she screams. Ranveer beats them up after that and later he gets beaten up by the goons. Suhani tells Ranveer to get up and cries for him.

Ranveer tells her to leave but she says she won’t go anywhere. Suhani gets scared and Ranveer gathers strength to get up. He beats them again and the thieves run away seeing his anger. Ranveer takes Suhani’s chain from one thief and beats him black and blue. Suhani stops him.

Rakesh reaches the location and tries to go further but Dean stops him saying the rescue team is doing their job so they should not interfere in that. Dean suggests Ranveer’s parents and Rakesh to go home.

Rakesh says he sent Suhani at Dean’s request but the Dean did not take care of her safety. Rakesh says he won’t leave Suhani alone in this situation. Mamta also tells the same that they won’t leave until they get the news that their son and daughter are fine.

Ranveer and Suhani come to Mita. Mita says she informed Dean about their location and the rescue team will find them. Ranveer says the rescue team can’t find them before morning. Mita goes to collect more woods for lighting fire. Suhani lights the woods and tells Ranveer to sit near the fire. She asks him why he gets hyper for small reasons. Ranveer says she questions his intentions all the time so that’s not new to him. He reveals finally that Vikrant is the reason why he remains upset most of the time. He learned about Vikrant’s reality 15 years ago that he is cheating on his mother.

Suhani hears that and Mita comes back. She tells Ranveer to take rest. Suhani applies spray on Ranveer’s sprain and thinks that her parents must be very worried for her but she can’t contact them. Ranveer falls asleep and in the morning Suhani also falls asleep by resting her head on his shoulder.

Ranveer wakes her up and they wish each other good morning. Ranveer says his sprain is now fine as the best surgeon treated him. Suhani smiles and Ranveer tells her to start walking to find a way to get out of the place. Rescue team reaches there and they recognise Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer tells them to take the ward boys first as they are more injured.

Episode ends