Sirf Tum 15th March 2022 Written Update: Suhani goes to Ranveer’s house in drunken state


Sirf Tum 15th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ansh dancing in the party with his friends. He dances with Suhani and she says she is not interested. Ranveer stops the music and Ansh says he threw the party as Ranveer left the college. He asks Ranveer what would he like to drink. Ranveer asks him to stay in limits. Ranveer says if Ansh believes he is a hero why he sent Suhani to his house. Because of Ansh, Dadu’s feet got sprained. He won’t tolerate such things from next time.

Ansh says today he will end the matter once and for all. He holds Ranveer at gunpoint. Suhani tells Asha to stop Ansh and she pleads before him. Ranveer breaks a bottle and Asha pleads him to not get into a fight. Ranveer accepts her request and leaves. Ansh gets mad at Suhani as she went to Ranveer’s house. He says he won’t spare her now.

Ranveer enters his house in drunken state. Mamta asks him why he is destroying his life and he even got rusticated. She adds Suhani was worried for him so she came to inform them about him. Ranveer says Suhani cares for him and he asks Mamta did she see the care in Suhani’s eyes. He adds one day Suhani will come back to him. She can’t love anyone else. Mamta gets teary and says not she but only Suhani can take care of Ranveer.

Ansh tells Suhani to visit Ranveer’s place. He asks her to make Ranveer drink alcohol. Suhani refuses immediately. Ansh tells Suhani to drink the alcohol and blackmails her saying he will call Rakesh if she denies. Suhani stops him and drinks it. Ansh tells Suhani to drink alcohol with Ranveer and she should tell him how much she hates him.

Ranveer checks Dadu’s sprain and wonders why there is no swelling. He has never seen such cases. Dadu tries to convince him. Ranveer loses his balance and Dadu advises him to not drink alcohol. Mamta says due to his alcohol addiction he even reached the venue late on his wedding day. Suhani knocks on the door in drunken state. She calls his name repeatedly. He gets shocked seeing her like that after opening the door. Suhani goes in the middle of the street being drunk.

A car is about to hit her and Ranveer saves her. He says he knows Ansh made her drink alcohol. Suhani says she won’t leave until Ranveer also drinks alcohol with her. Ansh hears their conversation through phone call. Suhani says she can’t upset Ansh so she has to obey him. Asha asks Ansh what he is doing.

Ansh says he wants Ranveer to get restless for Suhani. He should feel he couldn’t save Suhani and he will get drunk again. He will create a scene after that and that’s what Ansh wants to send him to jail. Ansh tells Asha that he knowingly talked about Suhani’s farewell so that Ranveer leaves the college for her. Now soon he will make a plan that will force Vikrant to accept him as his son and he will reject Ranveer.

Episode ends.

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