Sirf Tum 16th January 2022 Written Update: Ranveer promises Suhani


Sirf Tum 16th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani staring at Ranveer. He asks her what happened. Suhani says she wants to speak her heart out today for him. She admits that he has all the solutions of her problems but she finds ways to blame him. He fulfilled his responsibility very well and her family also trusts him a lot. She learned from him how to help people selflessly. She apologises to him by holding her ears.

Ranveer tells her not to praise him as he has some flaws too but Suhani replies he is perfect and his only flaw is he has anger issues. Except that he is a good person, when he gets angry people get scared to go near him and he forgets the difference between right and wrong. She says from now on he will control his anger. She takes his kerchief and ties a knot saying this will remind him of his promise that he won’t be angry. Ranveer promises her and she also ties a knot in her dupatta and tells her to always speak her heart out just the way she did today. Ranveer gives his hand to Suhani and the latter holds it.

Suhani and Ranveer reach their parents and they get delighted seeing them. Rakesh hugs Suhani and Mamta hugs Ranveer. Ranveer says he is fine. Vikrant tries to hug him but Ranveer doesn’t let him do so. Dean tells Ranveer that he is proud of him the way he handled the situation today. Dean says tomorrow they will felicitate him for his bravery. He is true hero. Rakesh thanks Ranveer for saving his daughter. Ranveer says he just fulfilled his duty which Rakesh gave him. Vikrant gets irked seeing that. John and Raghu tell Ranveer to go home.

Before leaving Ranveer and Suhani look at each other. Ranveer enters home with Vikrant and Mamta. Dadu hugs Ranveer for showing bravery. Samaira gets mad at Ranveer for risking his life, anything could have happened to him. Ranveer calms Samaira saying he is fine, she should stop crying. Ranveer’s uncle and aunt also scold him for not thinking about his parents. Dadu stops them and tells Ranveer to eat food.

Mamta performs nazar utaro ritual for Ranveer and there Sudha does the same for Suhani. Ranveer goes upstairs. Rakesh says if he was unable to save Suhani today he wouldn’t have forgiven himself. Dadi says she knew Ranveer will save Suhani so she didn’t panic.

Vikrant gets teary and tells Mamta that Ranveer was in danger for that classless girl Suhani. He can’t afford to lose Ranveer. Mamta tries to calm him but he shouts at her saying his son’s life is not valueless that he will keep risking it for a poor girl. Vikrant adds if Ranveer does that again he won’t tolerate that. He tells Mamta to control Ranveer else she will lose him and she can even lose her husband too. Mamta gets shocked hearing that.

Vikrant holds her hand tightly and hurts her saying if Ranveer gets hurt next time she will also feel the pain. Rakesh tells Dadi that Ranveer did a huge favor on them and he will get felicitated for that in college. Mamta feeds Ranveer and the latter recalls the landslide incident. Suhani also recalls how Ranveer saved her. Ranveer falls asleep on Mamta’s lap. He wakes up due to trauma and recalls the incident. He rides the bike and goes somewhere at late night. Suhani hears door knock sound and wonders who is knocking at this time.

Episode ends

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