Sirf Tum 1st August 2022 Written Update: Aditya gets beaten by goons while saving Suhani


Sirf Tum 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani seeing person spying on her. Aditya says that can’t be Ranvijay’s spy as Jayvijay already signed the stamp paper. He says if she wants to go back home for her safety. Suhani says no she will go to  but she thinks if Ranveer is doing all these. During class the professor teaches medical protection act to the students. He says if anyone attacks a doctor then strict action will be taken. Suhani notices the spy again outside of her class and she signals Aditya. She thinks Ranveer is making her life hell and he feels she is nothing without him but the truth is he doesn’t exist for her.

Sudha shows online saree shopping process to Dadi and the latter says it’s easy to get anything you want nowadays. She says if they can sell old stuffs too then Suhani’s wedding lehenga also they can sell online as it’s a waste now. Sudha says sometimes she gets worried for Suhani, who will be there for her during old age. Suhani doesnt want to get married for the second time as well. Dadi says but they have to convince her for that somehow.

 The goons block Suhani and Aditya’s way while they are coming back. One of the goons tries to attack Suhani but Aditya tells them not to misbehave with her. One of them pushes Suhani away and Aditya punches him. Aditya gets beaten by them and Suhani tries to stop the goons from beating him.. She asks for help from the people around but they stand silently there. Aditya gets badly injured and Suhani takes him home in a car.

Aditya feels pain and Suhani says she can understand how much hurt he is. But he should have left the place that time. Now the goons will take out their anger on him which they have for her. Aditya says he considers her friend and he couldn’t leave her alone in that situation. Ishan says Aditya’s bike will be repaired by tomorrow and it will cost ten thousand rupees. Rakesh says he will pay the amount as it happened because of them. Rakesh and Sudha ask Aditya to inform his parents about his condition so that they can come to take care of him.

Aditya avoids the topic saying they cant come, they will be worried etc. Rakesh asks for his parents’ number but Aditya refuses saying Suhani is also a doctor, she will look after him. Suhani feels strange and she shares it with Sudha and Dadi that Aditya must be hiding something as he never talked to his parents over phone calls.

He never mentioned any of his relatives too. She goes to Aditya’s room at night when he is asleep. She says sorry to him for entering his room as she had no choice left. She searches his cupboard drawers etc. She wonders why there is no family photo of him.

Next morning Aditya wishes everyone good morning and Suhani says his mother called her today and asked her about him. Aditya says that’s not possible. Its a prank call. Suhani says why not? He stays with them and his mother said he left his house after an argument. So now he should go back to his parents. Aditya says they can’t call her as they are dead. Suhani gets emotional and hugs him. She says why he didn’t say that his parents are no more and they died in a car accident. She read his diary last night and learned about it. Aditya gets teary.

Episode ends

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