Sirf Tum 1st July 2022 Written Update: Ranveer blames Suhani for hiding the truth


Sirf Tum 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer losing his temper and John Raghu calm him down. Ranveer looks at Suhani who signals him not to create any scene. Ranveer sits again to give the exam. The invigilator gives pages to the students and he asks everyone to give their phones during exam. Ranveer is about to give his phone but Samaira calls him. Samaira panics saying Honey has gone mad and is trying to cut Mamta’s hair. She tells Ranveer to come quickly and the latter gets ready to leave. He gets furious. Invigilator says if Ranveer leaves then he won’t be able to enter the exam hall again.

Ranveer replies mothers are important than all kind of exams. He also holds Ansh by his collar saying the latter will accompany him as his wife is sick. Ansh tries to stop him and Suhani comes in the hall. She requests Ranveer not to leave the exam hall as she called her parents at Oberoi Mansion to handle the situation. He will focus on his exam only. Ranveer bangs his fist on the desk for being helpless due to his promise he made to Suhani.

Suhani calms Ranveer down and says he is not in the state to write his exam so she will write on behalf of him. Ansh says but she is also a medical student. Suhani says she reads in first year so she doesn’t know the answers. Invigilator allows her and she writes the answers for Ranveer. Rakesh and Sudha assure Samaira that noone can trouble Mamta now as they are here.

 Vikrant scolds Asha for not stopping Honey. Now Ranveer will get angry, Asha makes excuses and then Ranveer comes to meet Mamta in the room. Vikrant says Mamta doesn’t stay in his room anymore. Ranveer asks then who is staying here ? Asha replies out of fear that she also doesn’t stay in this room but came here to take some stuff.

Ranveer leaves the room and there Honey apologises to Mamta for playing the game with her. She says she had no intention to hurt her. Ranveer shouts at her and Suhani says sorry to Suhani. Ranveer tells Honey to stay away from Mamta and she starts crying.

 Asha takes her from there and Ranveer thanks Suhani’s parents for being there for Mamta. Ranveer asks Suhani that why Mamta is not staying in her room and she knew about that? Suhani says she knew and Mamta shifted to guest room last night. It shocks Ranveer and he says it means she hid the matter from him.

Ranveer tells Suhani that she asked him to make the promise just because of this matter. She wanted him to stay quiet despite knowing Mamta is in pain because Vikrant insulted her by throwing her out of his room. Ranveer says how can she just start their marriage on the basis of such lies.

 Now he can’t protest against the wrong things here for one month. He will have to see his mother’s suffering. Suhani didn’t become his strength but she became his weakness which should not happen. Ranveer blames Suhani for all this and Mamta asks them if everything is fine. Ranveer diverts the topic and Suhani goes to make tea.

Asha gets tensed thinking about Ranveer’s anger and Honey says Ranveer won’t hit a woman as he seems a nice guy. She enjoys eating snacks and Ansh says Suhani is now Ranveer’s support system and she has become his strength too. He was about to get disqualified from the exams but Suhani saved him today. He then shares his next game with Asha and Honey. Honey gets excite to play the game. Suhani makes tea and Honey also makes tea seeing her.

Honey says they could have made the tea together. Suhani feels strange and Honey says their husbands can be friends and four of them will play games and enjoy a lot. Suhani says right and wrong things can’t be together so they can’t be friends as well. Honey gets hyper and she shows her a knife. She says Suhani should not show her attitude as she is not the Badi Bahu here. Suhani takes the knife from her and Honey suddenly drinks the hot tea from two, three cups. Her mouth burns and she starts screaming. Suhani tries to give her ice but the latter says she won’t eat that. She leaves crying and Suhani gets confused thinking what was that.

Episode ends

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