Sirf Tum 20th July 2022 Written Update: Suhani strives to get a Transfer certificate


Sirf Tum 20th July 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Ranveer checking patients on the road. He receives doctor’s call who informs him that Rakesh is recovering soon, body movements are properly visible. He congratulates Ranveer. Ranveer thanks him. He cuts the call. Ranveer scolds a patient after seeing a wound on his hand as the worker does extra work for money and gets injuries. The patient says that he will do whatever Ranveer will suggest hereafter. He gives medicine and oinment to the patient.

He checks the rest of the patients while consuming alcohol. At the hospital Suhani injects some medicine to Rakesh. Sudha suggest Suhani to join colleges as she already missed many classes. Suhani’s grandmother suggests her the same. Samaira informs that Mamta and Dadu have arrived. Dadu tells that Rakesh will recover soon with the grace of God and they will take Suhani to their house. Mamta says that she prayed to God for Rakesh and has brought the prasad. Suhani takes it and thanks them.

She asks them to sit and she will bring tea for them. Dadu says that they are in rush today, will come again tomorrow with hope. They leave. Suhani thinks that she doesn’t like it that Mamta and Dadu come daily and return with empty hands. She thinks that she is helpless but she has to stop them from coming daily somehow. Suhani goes to college and meets the principal. He enquires about Rakesh. Suhani replies better. Suhani requests him for transfer certificate so that she can take admission in different college of other cities. He asks Suhani to reconsider her decision as she won’t gets the same fecilities in other college.

Suhani says that he family matters to her more. She requests him to accept her transfer application. Suhani leaves. The principal calls Ranveer and asks informs him about Suhani. He asks Ranveer to talk to Suhani. Ranveer breaks the stuffs of his room in frustration. Suhani’s aunt criticizes her for the transfer application. Suhani’s grandmother asks her to keep quiet. She asks Suhani the reason of her move. Suhani says that she can’t live with Ranveer, Mamta and Dadu come daily so she can’t carry this guilt anymore. Sudha says that she will talk to them but asks Suhani to reconsider her decision. Suhani says that doesn’t want to face Ranveer.

She says that if her family doesn’t rely upon her she will asks Rakesh. Dadu supports Suhani. Suhani asks Rakesh to blink if he supports her decision. Rakesh blinks Suhani hugs him. Ranveer says that he didn’t forget anything and won’t let Suhani go away from him. Suhani packs her luggage, sees her bangle and says that she will go far away from Ranveer even his thoughts can’t reach there. Ranveer burns Suhani’s photographs. Principal informs Suhani that her transfer application is not accepted. Suhani asks him the reason. He says that Ranveer has raised objection. Suhani asks why he has discussed with Ranveer.

He says that it’s general procedure to get NOC. Suhani tries to object but he says that she needs NOC from Ranveer. Suhani meets two seniors and congratulates them for becoming doctor. They asks Suhani to reconsider her decision aswell. Suhani says that she will take transfer certificate anyhow. They inform Suhani how Ranveer is living without her. Suhani Complains about Ranveer to them and leaves. Suhani’s mother worry for the certificate. Her grandmother says that she will beg for the certificate to Ranveer. Suhani asks her not to do anything as such. The episode ends.

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