Sirf Tum 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Riya feels jealous seeing Ranveer and Suhani’s romance


Sirf Tum 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer to get down. She says she got really scared, he could have fallen down. Ranveer says he is absolutely fine. Suhani says sometimes she feels his anger will destroy everything. She shows him the knot she tied in his kerchief. She says he again forgot his promise and created scene. Ranveer says he won’t disappoint her again. He then tells her to see the decorations. She gets delighted and says she wants to take vows with him before their marriage. Ranveer agrees.

Rakesh tells his family that the celebration was good but Ranveer shouldnt have created the scene. How will he face Asha now. Kamini says Ranveer has no control over his anger and he doesn’t even listen to Suhani in that matter. Suhani can’t change him at all. Rakesh says Ranveer ignored Suhani’s tears or he didn’t notice that that’s not known.

Suhani and Ranveer take rounds around and promise each other several things. Ranveer says he will never break her trust and will not do anything which will hurt her or affect her family’s respect. He says he will always make her happy and won’t get angry but he will live according to her wish. Suhani also promises him she will never hide anything from him and will always stay by his side in every situation. Ranveer says she will be his love only. He gets close to her and she gets emotional.

Next day Suhani’s mehendi and sangeet function begin. Rakesh says he will first apply the shagun mehendi on Suhani’s hand. Everyone blesses her. Riya arrives and says she will select the mehendi design. Suhani hugs her saying her best friend has finally arrived. Riya smirks. Mita tells Ishan that only girls will win in the dance performance but Ishan says boys will win as Ranveer is in their team. Ranveer arrives with his friends. Ranveer then apologises to Rakesh for his act yesterday.

Rakesh says that is his special quality that he always admits his fault and says sorry for that. Sudha compliments Ranveer’s look and puts kala teeka on his face. Ranveer looks at Suhani romantically. Raghu teases him saying he should pay attention to his friends as he will get enough time to romance later. Ranveer playfully hits him.

Dadu also teases Ranveer and the latter asks about Mamta. Dadu says Mamta is taking time to get ready. Suhani’s Dadi says no matter how quickly Dadu comes but Dilip Kumar’s songs will be played only. Dadu and Dadi again fight over Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand. Ranveer stops them

Mamta prepares the shagun thal and haldi for Suhani which she decides to keep near temple but Vikrant comes and taunts her saying she is happily celebrating her son’s happiness. He then throws away the haldi thal. Mamta gets shocked. Suhani calls Ranveer and asks him to find the first alphabet of his name in her mehendi. Ranveer fails to find that and Suhani insists him. He says that’s not his cup of tea. They share a romantic talk.

Riya gets jealous seeing them. Later she says the sangeet is incomplete without dance. Everyone starts dancing on Mahi Ve song. After the dance Ranveer takes Suhani aside and gets romantic with her, Riya breaks her bracelet out of jealousy. Suhani feels shy and tries to leave and Riya spreads the pearls on floor. Suhani slips due to that. Ranveer tries to save her.

Episode ends

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