Sirf Tum 25th February 2022 Written Update: Asha tells the truth to Ranveer


Sirf Tum 25th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer noticing someone is clicking pictures of Suhani. He goes to check and the person runs away. Ranveer chases him and then he throws a stick at that person’s leg. The person falls down and Ranveer gets shocking seeing Ansh. Ranveer loses his calm and beats Ansh for trying to take pictures of Suhani. Ansh tells him to relax but Ranveer keeps hitting him. Ansh pushes him away and starts running. Ansh and Ranveer enter a building where the construction is going on. Ranveer says today he won’t spare Ansh. Ansh says Ranveer can beat his brother as much as he wants

Mamta, Samaira and Dadu enter Rakesh’s house and Dadu praises the decorations. They wait for Suhani. Rakesh suddenly drops the shagun thal as he lost his balance. Sudha tells him to take rest as he is working constantly. Rakesh says he can’t take rest as its her daughter’s wedding. Sudha is doing the same. Mamta tells Rakesh that Suhani doesn’t need to forget her old relations. She will get all the love in her in law’s house.

Dadu also says Rakesh should not worry as Suhani will be happy in Ranveer’s house. They won’t make her sad for any reason. Suhani comes to the mandap and then she asks Rakesh if he is fine as he looks stressed. Rakesh says he is fine and Kamini tells Suhani to not worry for Rakesh anymore as she will leave the house after marriage so Rakesh also needs to live without her.

Ranveer asks Ansh how dare the latter called him brother. Ansh says they have blood relations. Their father is same. Ranveer punches him and refuses to believe that. Ansh shows a photo of Asha and Vikrant to Ranveer. He adds if Ranveer has doubt then he can ask Mamta. Ranveer tears the photo and he tries to kill Ansh but Asha says whatever Ansh said is true. Ranveer gets shocked hearing that. Asha tells him that she never hid anything from Ansh but Mamta hid this matter from Ranveer in fear. Asha says Vikrant never gave his name to Ansh and refused to accept him. Ansh tells Ranveer that he always wanted the rights which Ranveer got but he never got them.

Ranveer doesn’t value anything despite getting everything. Ansh says he has been seeing his mother’s crying face since childhood so it’s high time he should give her the rights which she deserves. He says he will throw out Ranveer and Mamta out of the Oberoi Mansion and will make place for Asha. Ranveer at first gets furious and Ansh says every son loves his mother and he won’t let Asha suffer anymore. Ranveer looks devastated. Asha stops Ansh from talking further and leaves with him.

Suhani waits for Ranveer and recalls he said he will come before muhurat. Priest calls the groom and Asha arrives. She tells Suhani’s family that Ranveer invited her only otherwise she wouldn’t have come. Rakesh welcomes her. Suhani hears vehicle sound and she rushes to see if Ranveer arrived. But she finds a decorated motorcycle instead. She gets upset and Riya stops her from calling Ranveer.

Riya says Ranveer will come back to Suhani. He won’t go anywhere. Ranveer drinks alcohol and recalls Asha’s words. He breaks the bottle and says marriage is a big lie and noone should get married as husbands cheat their wives shamelessly. He says Mamta’s worst decision was marrying Vikrant. Ranveer says Ansh can’t throw out Mamta. Ansh records Ranveer’s outburst and says now he will use it to destroy Ranveer.

Episode ends.

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