Sirf Tum 25th November 2021 Written Update: Ranveer’s family gets introduced


Sirf Tum 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishi trying to rag Suhani and he sees something. Riya enters Vikrant’s house with her father. One waiter bumps into Vikrant and he warns him. Vikrant stands next to Mamta and media clicks their pictures. Vikrant asks Mamta she told Ranveer to come or not else there will be consequences. Mamta says he will come for sure. Riya and Shashi meet Vikrant. Riya hugs Vikrant. Riya goes to meet Samaira. Dadu tells Vikrant he shouldn’t have made such a big announcement for Ranveer. He believes in humanity and ethics. Vikrant shuts him up and praises his own business skills.

Vikram supports Vikrant and Dadu calls him Vikrant’s puppet. Vikram’s wife comes and says its really risky to expect such a big thing from Ranveer as he is not interested in handling business. She says her daughter Samaira topped the BBA exam and she wants to handle business as well. Samaira smiles but Vikram says she is a girl and will get married one day so their heir Ranveer should do this only. Samaira gets upset and Riya cheers her up saying they are regressive so she should not pay attention to them. They will understand her worth very soon. Vikrant asks Mamta about Ranveer again angrily. He says Ranveer didn’t care about her wish as well.

Ansh makes Ranveer’s friends busy in eating and then Ranveer calls John. He asks about Suhani and John says they are taking care of her he should not worry. John leaves immediately. Ranveer enters the party and tells Vikrant that he always cares for her mother but he doesn’t care about any relations or emotions. Ranveer touches Mamta’s hands and she feels pain. Ranveer asks her why did she lie and showed him the other hand in video call. Mamta says she knows he will always save her. Mamta hugs him and requests him to not create a scene in the party. Ranveer says Vikrant should also stay in limits. Ranveer lifts his Dadu up and teases him.

Vikrant compliments Ranveer. Samaira back hugs Ranveer. Ranveer teases her and asks her about her business management studies. Samaira says she wants to become a builder and join the family business but noone is letting her go to office as she will get married one day. Ranveer doesn’t want to become builder but they are forcing him to be one. Vikrant tells Samaira to shut her mouth and Ranveer says if it’s her wish he will make sure she goes to office. Ranveer heads towards Vikrant and Mamta comes in between. She tells him to wear suit which is in his room. Ranveer leaves.

Suhani runs away from Rishi’s gang and they search for her. Riya enters Ranveer’s room and calls it her future living room. She lays in Ranveer’s bed and says she will renovate this room too. Ranveer enters and she hides. He takes off his clothes and that fall on Riya. Riya gets mesmerized seeing Ranveer in that suit.

Vikrant is about to make an announcement and Ranveer comes downstairs. He ignores Vikrant and Riya also comes. Riya says she planned a surprise before the announcement they should enjoy first. She gives a dance performance with Vikrant. Ranveer dances with Mamta. John calls Ranveer to inform him about the ragging. Ranveer is about to receive the call and Riya drags him to dance with him. Ansh locks Ranveer’s friends in a room. They try to come out thinking Ranveer will kill everyone if Suhani faces ragging. Vikrant asks for everyone’s attention in the party and tells Mamta to bring Ranveer too. Ranveer looks at Vikrant.

Episode ends