Sirf Tum 26th November 2021 Written Update: Ranveer ruins Vikrant’s surprise


Sirf Tum 26th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikrant telling the guests that the special surprise is for Ranveer and he never put pressure on him for anything. Ranveer removes the cover and sees a model of a house. Vikrant says there poor people will get shelter and the name of the house is ‘Life for all’. Ranveer smiles and says Vikrant chose the right name but he is a doctor and a doctor can treat patients only. He cant be a builder. He adds he has a better idea. Ranveer breaks the whole model in front of guests and leaves. Vikrant and Mamta get shocked to see that. Suhani reaches classroom after running away from Rishi. Students look at her and then garbage from a tub falls on Suhani. The students humiliate her saying she can’t save herself from Rishi. Rishi planned this beforehand. Suhani leaves the class and goes to washroom.

Ranveer brings colors and paints a hospital named as Mamta Hospital. He shows it to everyone saying this is his dream project and if Vikrant wants to gift something to Mamta then that will be the best one as poor people will get free treatment here. Vikrant gets angry and tells Mamta to take Ranveer from there. Mamta takes Ranveer aside. Suhani cleans her hair and removes the garbage and Rishi comes along with gang. They surround her in washroom. Rishi tells Suhani to couple dance. Suhani refuses and tries to run away but fails.

Mamta asks Ranveer why he made fun of his father in front of all. Ranveer says that’s not his father, that’s her husband. He reveals he cut ties with Vikrant the day he learned about his multiple affairs with women. He says Vikrant is a characterless cheap person who made fun of his marriage with Mamta. So he will mock him everyday. Ranveer and Mamta look at Vikrant who talks to lady. Mamta feels sad. There Ranveer’s friends try to reach Ranveer through call but there’s no network. They find an idea to get the network and somehow informs Ranveer about Suhani. He leaves immediately. Suhani tries to hit Rishi but the latter holds her hand.

Suhani pushes them away and comes out of the room but Rishi doesn’t let her close the door from outside. Ranveer arrives and stops Rishi. Rishi gets shocked seeing him. Ranveer looks at Suhani and she recalls how he beat Rocky during match. Suhani recalls her father’s warning too. She tells Ranveer not to beat Rishi to avoid any chaos. Ranveer assures her he will make them understand in decent way, she can leave. Suhani leaves and Ranveer gets inside the washroom. He closes the door and Rishi tells him not to interfere in his matter. Ranveer asks him why he locked Suhani in the washroom. Rishi says he asked her to dance. Ranveer says he will arrange special dance for him. He punches on the mirror and Rishi bends down.

Episode ends