Sirf Tum 28th June 2022 Written Update: Ranveer gets romantic with Suhani


Sirf Tum 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ansh saying he brought Honey for a reason and she is failing to ruin Suhani and Ranveer’s happiness. Honey comes to him with a glass of milk and says she was seeing all the big rooms and the big mansion. She has never seen all these before. Ansh gets irked and refuses to drink the milk so she drinks it.

Ansh then provokes her saying their room is not that big or beautiful but Suhani and Ranveer’s room is better than them. Since Honey is the Badi Bahu she deserves to get the most beautiful and big room over here. Honey adamantly says she then wants that right now. She goes to call Ranveer and Suhani. Ansh acts like stopping her but he gets happy in mind that now Ranveer and Suhani’s first night will be ruined by Honey.

Ranveer takes off Suhani’s jewels and he opens her hair. He is about to get intimate with her but they hear door knock sound. Honey comes in and sees the room and loves it at first sight. She jumps on the bed and surprises Suhani and Ranveer. Ranveer gets mad at her and asks her to leave at once.

Honey says to Suhani that she is prettier than her and she is the Badi Bahu too so she wants this room from her. She calls Ansh loudly and demands the room immediately. Ranveer tells Ansh to take Honey away. Ansh convinces her and leaves the room. Ranveer asks Suhani what was that exactly? Suhani starts laughing and he tries to catch her. They fall onto the bed and get romantic.

Suddenly a fire cracker comes into their room and it blasts. Ranveer and Suhani get stunned to see that and Ranveer notices from the window that Honey is holding the crackers. He goes downstairs and calls Vikrant angrily. Vikrant says what kind of noise was that? Ranveer says he should ask this to his illicit son’s wife. Why she has done that. Honey comes there and says she needs Ranveer’s room right now and she got upset due to that. She gets restless and Asha tries to control her.

Ansh says Honey is sweet it’s just that she goes out of control sometimes when she demands something. Dadu tells Ansh to take care of Honey if he is aware of her condition. Ansh mocks Ranveer saying now the latter can’t tell dialogues as he brought Honey to trouble him. Ranveer has to do everything as per Honey’s wish. Ranveer says Ansh is using a woman to fulfil his motive. That’s cheap.

Ranveer and Suhani go back to their room and Mamta comes there. Mamta says this is happening because of her as she threw out Asha. Ranveer says she should not blame herself as it’s her house only. She says they can shift to guest room for tonight. She will clean this room. Suhani says this room is their small world now and they will start afresh from here.

Ranveer tells Mamta to go to sleep and he will clean their room with Suhani and will romance together. Suhani feels shy. Asha fails to control Honey and Ansh says he will handle her. Ansh scolds Honey and says if she will do what she wants then he will leave her in that hell again. Honey gets afraid and recalls how she was tied with chains earlier. She pleads him not to take her there.

Ansh blackmails her saying then she has to obey him. Suhani and Ranveer clean their room together. Ranveer teases Suhani by throwing flowers and petals at her. She also does the same. Ranveer gets close to Suhani by pulling her close and removes petals from her hair and she gets nervous. She says they have pending work. He says he is doing his job only. He gets romantic.

Episode ends

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