Sirf Tum 29th June 2022 Written Update: Ranveer is upset with Suhani’s decision


Sirf Tum 29th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer trying to romance with Suhani and she says tomorrow he has his exam and he should focus on studies. He says exam will keep happening but this is their first night which is special. She says but he will write his final exam at first so he needs to study now. She gives him books and leaves to throw away the garbage. Suhani hears Mamta’s cry and she goes to see her. She asks Mamta why she is not in her room? Mamta reveals Vikrant threw her out of his room. In flashback, Asha comes with her suitcase to enter Vikrant’s room.

Mamta warns her not to come inside but Asha tells Vikrant to stop her as she is now Vikrant’s wife as well. Mamta holds her hand and is about to drag her but Vikrant stops her saying Mamta should leave not Asha. Mamta says Asha will destroy everything,

Vikrant says Mamta didn’t take his side so he doesn’t care for her emotions too. She herself made things easier for Asha and the latter took her place. Asha happily gets inside Vikrant’s room and sits on the bed. She feels like on top of the world. Mamta gets disheartened. Flashback ends.

Suhani tries to console Mamta saying it’s her fault that’s why Vikrant is misbehaving with Mamta. Mamta says lately she realised that Vikrant was never a trustworthy person and he always betrayed her when she was loyal to him. She says she has decided to leave the house after Ranveer gets his rights. Suhani says Mamta should fight for her rights instead of giving up. Mamta says she is tired of doing all these.

Suhani says she is there to support her mother in law and she promises to never leave her side ever. Mamta says she is worried how Ranveer will react after knowing about all these. Suhani also thinks about that how to convince Ranveer to not show anger. She goes to Matarani and lights Diya. She says she wants to make things right and she needs strength for that.

Ranveer wakes up from sleep and wonders why Suhani isn’t back yet. There Honey kicks Ansh and he falls from the bed. She sleep talks and Ansh asks her what was that. She says if he wanted to lay on the floor he could have told before.

He says she kicked him only. He then guards himself with pillows and tells Honey to not come in his side. Suhani gets back to her room and apologises to Ranveer for coming late. He says if she gets lost from his sight for even a moment he worries for her. She says she was praying for them. She then asks for a gift from his side. He says what she wants.

She says he will stop getting angry and it surprises him. He says it’s part of his characteristics and why she wants to change him. She knows what the situation is now. Vikrant married Asha and brought her in the mansion to hurt his mother. He is silent just because of Suhani and Mamta but he already planned he will leave this place with Suhani very soon.

Suhani says she can’t leave Oberoi Mansion as she made a promise to Mamta to fight for her rights. Ranveer gets angry at her saying how can she just make such promises and it’s not even two days she started staying here. Suhani gets scared.

Ranveer says sorry to her and adds that Mamta feels humiliation here and he won’t be able to stay here. Suhani says Asha and Ansh want the same and they will snatch everything from them slowly which only belong to Mamta and Ranveer. Suhani says she can’t let that happen. Ranveer punches on the wall to vent out his anger. Suhani thinks he is so upset that he hurt himself.

She makes him sit and scolds him for doing that. She thinks how to convince him when he doesn’t want to leave his anger and Mamta needs their support too. She then says it’s his new tactics to avoid studying. He says he cleared all the semesters in past five years. He is a good student and she teases him saying then why he injured himself now it will affect his exam. She then goes to bring strong coffee for him and he gets happy.

Episode ends

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