Sirf Tum 29th November 2021 Written Update: Ranveer stands up against ragging


Sirf Tum 29th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riya asking Suhani if she is fine. Ranbir’s friends come towards them. Riya asks where is Ranbir? Suhani points her finger at the washroom. She looks scared. Ranbir comes out with Rishi and his gang. Ranbir tells Suhani she was asked to give a dance performance. That’s not a big deal. Such activities are also important along with studies. Suhani gets upset. Ranbir decides to arrange a dance performance.

Vikrant lashes out at Mamta for giving bad upbringing to Ranbir. He blames her for Ranbir’s hatred towards his father. Vikrant adds Mamta is taking revenge from him by using her son. Roshni sides with Mamta saying that not her fault, Ranbir reacts like that if something doesn’t happen as per his wish. Vikram tells Roshni not to argue with Vikrant. Roshni replies they have problem with women’s success. That’s why Samaira is not allowed to go to office. Why even Vikram allowed her to study if she can’t do job. Vikram shouts at Roshni and Dadu shuts him up saying he won’t raise his voice on his wife again. Dadu scolds both Vikram and Vikrant for disrespecting their wives. He leaves.

Ranbir takes Suhani to college campus and says poll dance will happen. Suhani tells him she can’t dance. Riya tries to interfere but Ranbir shuts her. Ranbir holds Suhani’s hand and calls her chief guest in front of all students. Suhani sits in chair and watches poll dance of Rishi’s gang. Ranbir recalls he beat Rishi and his friends in the washroom and told them to dance else he will break their bones. After some time Suhani requests Ranbir to leave the boys. Ranbir says if anyone will disrespect girls here he will get punished like this. No ragging is allowed. Ranbir asks Suhani about their unfinished talk. Suhani thanks him for the help and Ranbir says she is his responsibility. He will fulfil it. Suhani gives him the sweet box and Ranbir gets happy. Ranbir takes Suhani to stage and warns everyone saying they won’t trouble her, otherwise he will give punishment. Suhani looks at Ranbir.

Mamta makes pakodas and Dadu praises the taste. Roshni tells Mamta to scold Vikrant sometimes. Roshni and Dadu imitate Vikrant and Mamta. Roshni says Ranbir is learning things from his father so Vikrant should change himself. Mamta says Ranbir is good hearted. She decides to make him understand to control his anger. Roshni says Vikrant should also stop provoking him. Sudha comes to take Suhani from college. Suhani hugs her happily. She says she has so many things to share today. Mamta comes out of car in front of college and is about to slip but Suhani saves her from falling.

Precap – Ranveer meets Suhani at her home. He praises her smile and is about to fall while climbing down. Suhani saves him.

Episode ends

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