Sirf Tum 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Ranveer convinces Vikrant to call a psychiatrist for Honey’s check up


Sirf Tum 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani telling Mamta and Ranveer that Honey drank hot tea and burnt her mouth. She felt like Honey will throw the tea on her face. Mamta says Honey is not right for them. Ranveer says he will treat her and he asks Suhani if she is fine. Suhani says yes she is. She assumes that what if Ansh married Honey knowingly so that the drama goes on.

Ranveer says he will throw them out of the house. Honey eats ice and Asha says Honey can’t help them like that as she hurt herself when she was asked to trouble Suhani. Ansh then forces Honey to tell a lie that Suhani burnt her mouth by pouring hot tea inside it. If she doesn’t do that then he will leave her in that mental asylum.

Honey goes to Vikrant and says Suhani took revenge from her and burnt her mouth. Asha says surely Mamta has allowed Suhani to do all this to Honey. Ansh says this is not done. Suhani has become desperate. Vikrant shouts Suhani and asks her why did she torture Honey like that. Suhani says she didn’t do anything but it was Honey who drank the hot tea but when she was trying to help her, Honey left.

Ranveer stops Vikrant from accusing Suhani. He says he won’t hear anything bad against Suhani when they all know that Honey has been eating their brains off since the day one. She created scene thrice and still they feel she is normal. Asha says Honey is innocent and that doesn’t give anyone the right to blame her or belittle her. For how long her family will face humiliation?

Ranveer says he will call psychiatrist in the house for Honey’s check up and he will decide if she is normal or not. If Honey has psychiatric issues the she has to leave the house. Asha tells Vikrant to say something as due to Ranveer’s satisfaction they can’t call a psychiatrist in the house and prove Honey as mad. Vikrant says no psychiatrist will come here and it’s his final decision. He strictly tells Ranveer not to change that, Ranveer follows him. Ranveer goes to convince Vikrant and locks the door.

Ranveer remains adamant when Vikrant doesn’t permit him to call the doctor. Dadu asks them to open it and says why these two always get into argument. Asha says what if Ranveer attacks Vikrant. Mamta says her son is not like that. Asha tries to knock on the door and Ranveer Vikrant both come out.

Vikrant tells everyone that psychiatrist will come and will check Honey. This will end all the drama once and for all so that the issue doesn’t occur again. Ansh and Asha get shocked to hear about his decision. Vikrant calls Honey but the latter has disappeared. Mamta says Ansh might hide her to stop the truth from getting disclosed. Everyone searches for Honey in the mansion including Asha and Ansh. Samaira tells Suhani that she is going to check in the garden.

Episode ends

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