Sirf Tum 5th July 2022 Written Update: Ranveer stops Honey from hurting Suhani


Sirf Tum 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani hearing some noise in her room and she thinks Ranveer has come. She calls him but finds noone. She closes the window seeing storm. She goes back to sleep. Ansh shows Honey how to make a fan fall on someone. Honey says she wants to play this game too. Ansh says she has to do the same with Suhani when she will sleep the fan will fall on her.

Asha says Suhani will leave the room hurriedly in fear and Honey will get that big room after that. Honey likes the idea and gets ready to play the game. Suhani again wakes up from sleep hearing some noise and she gets scared recalling Honey’s warning. She tells Honey not to do anything wrong. Suhani is about to bring torch and sees a shadow. She turns back and Ranveer keeps hand on her mouth.

Ranveer turns on the lights and Suhani gets surprised seeing all the decorations in the room. Ranveer gets down on his knees and says sorry to her by showing a card. He says no matter how much angry he is but he can’t stay away from her. She says she knew he will come back to her. It turns out to be Suhani’s dream and she wakes up. She says she believes Ranveer will forgive her soon. Ranveer senses something bad and feels Suhani is in trouble. He goes to her room. Mamta gets happy. Honey applies the technique to make the fan fall on bed. Ansh praises her for learning it fast.

She says now she is ready to apply it on Suhani. Ranveer sees Suhani is sleeping and he says he told her to close the door but still she didn’t. He smiles at her and she gets happy to see him back. She thinks it’s again a dream so she falls asleep. Ranveer leaves the room after closing the door and Suhani gets up.

Suhani opens the door and feels that Ranveer came here. She goes to sleep again and Honey walks towards her room slowly. Ranveer sleeps in the guest room and Honey opens Suhani’s room door. She tries to apply the technique to make the fan fall on Suhani but Ranveer appears behind her. Honey gets scared seeing him and Ranveer goes towards her. Ranveer confronts her and Honey says she just came to check Suhani is sleeping peacefully or not.

Ranveer says Ansh is the one who is giving Honey all these cheap ideas to hurt his family. He adds though he doesn’t raise hand on women but he can’t take guarantee in this case. If anything happens to Suhani he will kill Honey and her team. Honey gets frightened and Ranveer warns her not to look at his room again. She falls while leaving and says sorry to Ranveer.

Suhani notices everything and says she knew Ranveer is there to protect her so she was not afraid at all. She goes to sleep and Ranveer caresses her hair. She wakes up and Ranveer asks her to close the door while sleeping. She teases him for coming secretly. She then closes the door after Ranveer scolds her.

Honey comes to her room in fear and tells Ansh that Ranveer stopped her from playing the final round. Ansh says Honey should not be scared of Ranveer and she should be focused. He reveals about the one month trial after that Honey will truly become his wife else she will go back to that asylum. Honey holds his hand saying she will not repeat the mistake again but prove that she can become his wife.

Precap- Ansh plans to launch a new company with Vikrant and the latter also gives his consent. Ranveer says he doesn’t care about their business but he wont let them launch the company as well. He breaks the model.

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