Sirf Tum 6th July 2022 Written Update: Vikrant’s inhuman behaviour towards Suhani shocks her


Sirf Tum 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani making tea for family members. Honey wishes her good morning and Suhani asks her if she got hurt that’s why she is walking like that. Honey tells her that she is not afraid of Ranveer, she should tell this to her husband. Suhani replies she should be afraid sometimes specially after last night what she did. Honey gets irked and Suhani scares her by saying cockroach. Suhani laughs at her and Honey burns her hand in anger. She says she is not afraid of fire and she can even burn things. Suhani gives her ointment and says she will also not tolerate if Honey tries to hurt her family members. Suhani leaves to serve tea.

Suhani gives tea to Dadu and the latter blesses her by giving present. He says it’s her first time cooking ritual in the kitchen of her sasural so she deserves this appreciation. Suhani says she will try to win Vikrant’s heart too slowly. Dadu hopes for the same and Suhani goes to Vikrant’s room. Vikrant drinks the tea and assumes Mamta kept it there. He thinks Mamta never forgets her duty towards him. Suhani comes with breakfast and says she brought it for him not Mamta.

Vikrant gets angry and throws away the cup. He says his entire day will be ruined seeing her face, how dare she gave him tea. He badmouths her saying it was Mamta’s job. Suhani says she is Mamta’s daughter in law so she stopped her from doing the work. Suhani picks up the broken cup and leaves. She again gives Vikrant tea saying he should not take out his anger on the tea and being the daughter in law of the house she wants to serve him tea everyday just how he likes. Vikrant throws away the cup again. Mamta sees all of that and tells Dadu that she told Suhani many times not to take the risk of convincing Vikrant but Suhani was adamant. Mamta adds Ranveer is not in the house else he would have been very angry.

Suhani serves the tea to Vikrant for the third time and he says don’t test my patience else I’ll throw the tea at your face. He does the same and Mamta saves Suhani by pulling her. Dadu shouts at Vikrant for his insensitive act. Vikrant leaves. Ranveer looks for Suhani and Mamta scolds Suhani for going to Vikrant’s room. Her face would have been burnt. Suhani’s hand got burnt a bit and Ranveer asks them what are they doing near Vikrant’s room. He notices Suhani’s hand and asks how did it happen?

Suhani replies it’s not a big deal but it was her fault only, she served tea to Vikrant despite his refusal. Ranveer scolds her for going to Vikrant’s room when they have no relation with him. Suhani says she is just trying to sort the issues in one month as discussed. Ranveer says he can’t even show anger due to his promise to Suhani. What kind of promise is that, he can’t even protest against the wrong.

Honey overhears everything and informs Ansh about the one month promise of Ranveer to Suhani. Ansh gets happy to hear that and says Honey is doing the job well so it’s time for a new game. He says his goal was not to become a doctor but he wanted to implement his ideas on a factory. He wants to launch it and is planning it for years. Honey takes the file from him and Ansh says this is the right time when she can win Vikrant’s trust as he hates Suhani. Honey gives tea to Vikrant and says she will take care of him always. She tells him about Ansh’s project and hardwork and Vikrant seems convinced.

Ranveer applies medicine on Suhani’s hand and looks upset. Suhani says she doesn’t like his angry face, she insists him to smile and it will heal all her wounds. He ignores her and she writes khadoos on his photo with a marker and leaves. He smiles reading that and she gets delighted. Everyone gathers and Honey says today she wants to appreciate her husband for his hard work and it will pay off as Vikrant has approved his idea. Ansh never disrespected his father and he deserves all this praises. Vikrant says he is also ready to give the rights to Ansh. Ranveer gets confused hearing all of that.

Episode ends

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