Sirf Tum 9th July 2022 Written Update: Suhani congratulates Ranveer for becoming Doctor Ranveer Oberoi


Sirf Tum 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer saying that it’s decided now Vikram is not in Vikrant’s team. He tells everyone to leave as the party is over. Ranveer says Vikrant lost Vikram’s share. Vikrant says he doesn’t care about that but he will again build his empire easily and he will get huge market shares. He challenges Ranveer. Ansh says it was his idea to launch the company and the name of the brand is not revealed yet. Vikrant says when it will be revealed this will attract many people.

Ansh removes the cover from the brand name and everyone gets shocked to see “Mamta Wines” is written over it. Vikrant smiles saying Mamta always wanted to feel connected with her husband’s name then that’s happening now. Everyone will remember her name through this brand. Mamta feels embarassed and Ranveer brings a rod. He breaks the brand name model and Ansh says Suhani told Ranveer not to show anger, so he is helpless.

Suhani goes to Ranveer and takes back the promise from him saying she wont stop him from protesting today as it’s about Mamta’s self respect and he can do what he feels is right. Ranveer says he has an idea for Ansh. He beats him up with the rod and Vikrant stops Ranveer.

Ranveer gets mad at him too but Mamta stops him saying he should not behave like Vikrant or his supporters else there will be no difference between him and them. Ranveer lashes out at Vikrant saying before building an empire he should first learn to respect his wife then he should give lectures. Mamta is still being polite whom he disrespected a lot so he should have some shame.

Honey gets up and goes to Ansh, Asha and Vikrant. Asha says the way Ranveer hit Ansh she would have called the police but she didn’t thinking about Vikrant. Ansh says he didn’t like Ranveer’s approach towards his father. He insulted Vikrant in front of all guests. Honey notices bandage on Ansh’s hand and says if Ranveer or Suhani hurt him then she will kill them. She won’t let them stop the launch at any cost. She leaves in anger. Vikrant says he can’t stand Ranveer’s attitude anymore. They have to stop him.

Suhani talks to Mamta and the latter says though Ranveer is angry with her but she believes only Suhani can bring happiness in his life. Suhani gets a text from Raghu that Ranveer passed the final exam with good marks and became Doctor Ranveer Oberoi. She gives the news to Mamta and they both get overjoyed. She hugs Mamta and goes to inform Ranveer.

Ranveer packs his luggage and Suhani says why he didn’t pick Raghu’s calls, he is now Doctor Ranveer Oberoi and she congratulates him. He says he will celebrate but not here. He wants to leave the mansion with Mamta and Suhani.

Suhani asks him why, to which he says he doesn’t think that Mamta or Suhani can get respect here and he has zero hopes for that. He doesn’t want to stay here anymore. He goes to Mamta’s room to help her in packing luggage. Honey goes to the kitchen and burns a cloth by pouring kerosene on it. She says she will burn everything to take revenge. Mamta asks Ranveer why he wants to leave and it will give Ansh and Asha the opportunity to destroy everything behind their back.

Ranveer says she should stop thinking for others but should think for herself. Suhani comes and tells him that he is the one who stopped the liquor manufacturing and saved the family reputation then he can imagine what will happen in his absence. Ranveer says they both saw how Vikrant married Asha and they could do nothing. So theres no point to stay here to witness all the drama. Suhani and Mamta try to convince him. Ansh overhears their talk and smirks.

Episode ends

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