Sirf Tum Upcoming Story: Ranveer to burn Suhani’s sketch?


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Colors TV show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh will witness a high voltage drama. Recently the show has been shifted to Voot. It will come up with lot more interesting twists and viewers are going to enjoy the love-hate relationship of Suhani and Ranveer.

Aditya’s presence is bothering Ranveer and he is not ready to see Suhani with someone else.

In previous episode it was seen that Ranveer celebrated that Suhani rejected Aditya and she has decided to stay alone always and it means she will remain his wife. There Aditya apologised to Suhani for coming between her and Ranveer.

Suhani felt guilty for hurting Aditya. He felt that Ranveer is truly in love with Suhani but she says it’s Ranveer’s ego nothing else. Aditya made her realise that she also doesn’t want to hurt Ranveer thus she decided to not get married again.

Suhani remained silent and there Aditya told her family that he can’t forcibly marry her. Later Suhani reached Oberoi Mansion with some luggage and it gave hope to Mamta and Oberois that maybe she has returned back to stay with them.

Ranveer mocked her for changing her mind to which, she showed him all the presents which he gave her on her birthday. She said she wants to return all these to him.

In today’s episode Suhani returns her mangalsutra to Ranveer and cuts all ties with him. Ranveer also says that he doesn’t want to be with her too. He says but she can’t separate them fully as she is still married to him.

Suhani says he lost in this game not Aditya as she will always love him as a friend. Ranveer feels jealous seeing Suhani sitting on Aditya’s bike. Later, Rakesh decides to support Suhani’s decision of living a life alone without divorcing Ranveer. But second marriage would be her own choice only.

Mamta asks Ranveer to not get mad at Aditya or Suhani in the hospital and surprisingly Ranveer goes to hospital in his car not in the hospital cab. Aditya suspects that Ranveer is planning something. There Ranveer burns Suhani’s sketch.

Will Suhani divorce Ranveer?

Will Aditya unite Ranveer and Suhani?

all questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

to know what will happen next in your favorite show sirf tum, stay tuned to this space.