Sirf tum Upcoming Story: Ranveer to disappoint Mamta?


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Colors TV new show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh will witness separation track in upcoming episodes. Ansh has crossed line to take revenge from Ranveer. He is trying to ruin Suhani’s life in order to hurt Ranveer and Ranveer is not ready to accept that. What will Ranveer do to get Suhani’s apology? that will be exciting to watch.

In previous episode it was seen Suhani got ready to go to Oberoi Mansion on one condition that she will pay the rent to Ranveer. He agreed and during Holi celebrations Ranveer entered his house with Suhani and her in laws. Mamta got shocked to see that. She got angry at Ranveer for bringing Asha and Ansh in the mansion. Ranveer said that he only helped two women who needed shelter. He stopped Mamta from throwing out Asha.

Vikrant insulted Asha and tried to throw out Suhani but Ranveer stopped him. Ranveer struck a deal with him that he has to let Suhani stay in the mansion else he will have to lose his son. There Ansh planned to snatch all rights from Ranveer. He entered the mansion with Asha and Mamta got disheartened. She felt why Ranveer did this to her. Ansh decided to meet Rakesh in intoxicated state.

In future episodes it will be seen that Rakesh will learn from Ansh that Suhani is in Ranveer’s house and it will give shock to him. There Mamta will get terribly upset with Ranveer from bringing Asha in the house. She will say that he cares for everyone except Mamta. There Suhani will feel stressed as Ansh will be missing.

Ranveer will get jealous seeing her care for Ansh. He will enter her room and will say that he finished Ansh’s chapter. Suhani will get shocked to hear that. Vikrant will warn Asha and Mamta will be sad seeing them together.

Will Ranveer learn about Ansh’s intentions ?

Will Suhani take stand for herself?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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