Sirf tum Upcoming Story: Ranveer to get slapped by Suhani?


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Colors TV new show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh will witness a high voltage drama. Ansh died shockingly because of Honey’s madness. There Ranveer and Suhani are also having issues in their marriage, Suhani decided not to leave Oberoi Mansion that disappointed Ranveer. It will be exciting to watch how the drama continues to entertain the viewers.

In previous episode it was seen that Ansh died due to Honey and Asha broke down to tears. There Sudha regretted her decision as to why she chose Ranveer for Suhani as because of him Rakesh is in coma.

Mamta told Ranveer to go to Suhani to give her moral support by keeping aside his ego. Ranveer went there but got insulted by Kamini instead. Suhani also told him to leave as Sudha is upset with him.

in future episodes it will be seen that Ranveer will blame Suhani for not supporting him for leaving the mansion with him. Suhani will also blame him for Rakesh’s condition. She will go to pray for the departed soul.

Asha will cry for Ansh’s sudden death and will tell Suhani that Ranveer killed her son in front of her eyes. Ranveer will create scene in drunken state and will taunt Suhani.

He will take the credits for making her a better and a confident person. He will accuse Rakesh for using him and will get slapped by Suhani. Suhani will decide to leave the mansion after the insult and Mamta will tell Ranveer to stop her from leaving.

Will Suhani and Ranveer get separated?

Will Suhani leave the mansion?

all questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

to know what will happen next in your favorite show sirf tum, stay tuned to this space.