Sirf tum Upcoming Story: Ranveer to share his emotions with Suhani?


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Colors TV new show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh is showcasing how Ranveer rescued Suhani when she fell into a river. Later Ranveer will save her from some thieves too and will reveal the reason behind his aggressive behavior. Will Suhani realise that Ranveer loves her not Riya? It will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode it was seen Ranveer came to save Suhani and the ambulance fell down the cliff. Suhani somehow hanged by holding a rock and screamed for help. Ranveer risked his life to save her but Suhani fell into the water and Ranveer also jumped into the water to find her. Riya informed Vikrant how Ranveer is trying save Suhani. Vikrant told the inspector to rescue Ranveer no matter what. Rakesh went to the landslide location for Suhani.

Ranveer saved Suhani and she regained consciousness. She hugged him and apologised again for hurting him. Later both of them found Mita and two ward boys and they treated them. Ranveer gave courage to Suhani saying she can’t be emotionally weak before treating patients. Afterwards Suhani treated Ranveer’s sprain too.

In future episodes it will be seen that Ranveer will tell Suhani to wait for him until he brings food for her. Suhani will not be ready but Ranveer will draw a square around her and will tell her not to cross that. Suhani will get caught by some thieves and they will try to snatch her chain. Ranveer will give his watch but then he will not tolerate the thieves trying to harm Suhani. He will beat them up and later he will get questioned by Suhani why he gets hyper all the time.

Ranveer will share how his father cheated on Mamta and since then he became aggressive. They will spend the night in forest. Next morning rescue team will find Suhani and Ranveer and there Rakesh and Ranveer’s parents will worry for them.

Will Vikrant blame Rakesh again ?

Will Suhani get questioned by Rakesh?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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