Sirf tum Upcoming Story: Ranveer to throw Ansh out of the house?


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Colors TV new show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh will witness a high voltage drama. Ranveer refused to marry Suhani and he cancelled his engagement with her. This gave shock to Suhani and she feels Ranveer has a valid reason for doing that. What is the reason? viewers will get to know that soon.

In previous episode it was seen that Ansh talked rubbish about his and Suhani’s relationship and Ranveer got furious. He tried to punch him and Suhani provoked him to do that as she knows he will do the opposite. Ranveer left without hurting Ansh. Later Ansh fooled Suhani saying Asha met with an accident and as a result Suhani went to hospital with Ansh. Ansh revealed that it was a lie and he kidnapped Suhani.

Suhani tried to contact Ranveer with her back up phone but Riya disconnected the calls. Later Suhani went to washroom and punctured the tyre of the tempo without Ansh’s knowledge. She waited for Ranveer to reach her soon. There Ranveer worried for her thinking where is she now? He checked her last location.

in future episodes it will be seen that Ranveer will find Suhani’s ring and finally will reach her while following the tempo. He will thrash Ansh for crossing his line and Suhani will ask him again why Ranveer doesn’t want to admit that he loves her and what is the reason that he cancelled the engagement. Ranveer wont reveal anything and later he will throw Ansh out of the house with his luggage. He will not let Asha and Suhani leave the mansion.

Surprisingly Vikrant will also support Ranveer. In flashback it will be shown how Vikrant blackmailed Ranveer by talking about divorcing Mamta and then marrying Asha. Mamta will not get ready to sign the papers or leave the house. Ranveer will fail to convince her and then he will accept the deal that he will leave Suhani and in return Vikrant will allow Suhani and Asha to stay in the house. Vikrant will also take the divorce papers of Ansh and Suhani from Ranveer.

Will Suhani know the real reason?

Will Ranveer tell the truth to Suhani?

all questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

to know what will happen next in your favorite show sirf tum, stay tuned to this space.