Spy Bahu 11th August 2022 Written Update: Sejal falls off the cliff


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The episode starts with Yohan informing Drishti that he will take her to meet Sejal but she needs to promise that its last time and after this they should consider that Sejal is no more in their world. Drishti cries but agrees to Yohan’s words and tells him that Sejal is in danger. Ahana follows the police van in which Sejal is being taken to the other jail. Sejal feels something is wrong. Ahana jumps on the roof of van. Sejal asks the lady police with her to check but they shut her up instead.

Ahana pushes the driver from van and herself starts driving it. Yohan is shown following the van. He sees it turning towards the cliff and wonders if Sejal is really in danger as Drishti said. Ahana notices Yohan following her so she speeds up. Yohan still keeps following the van. Ahana jumps of the van and leaves it to fall in the cliff. Yohan is shocked to see it falling down and burning. Yohan keeps screaming for Sejal. He goes near cliff but Ahana comes and stops him from looking further. She stops him and takes him back home.

Yohan recalls his memories spent with Sejal and his words about her. He feels devastated. Yohan imagines Sejal coming back with injuries and talks to her. Family members get shocked to see Yohan talking to himself. Ahana acts to console him while Drishti keeps crying with Sejal’s picture in her hand. Krish asks Yohan to control himself and tries pacifying him and Shalini looks after Drishti. Sk Sir comes there. Yohan asks him about rescue operation and asks if they found Sejal. SK sir says that they had sent their team men down the cliff but the van and everyone inside got badly burnt down.

Yohan is in shock. Sk sir says only ashes are left and is about to hand over pot of ashes to Yohan when Mrinal comes there. She snatches the pot and tells that Yohan already took Sejal from them and now is taking her ashes too. She blames Yohan for Sejal’s death and says she died due to his distrust. Mrinal tells she wants to give him something and brings plate of sindoor from temple. She applies red color on Yohan’s face and then scatters the plate. Saras asks Mrinal to leave from there but she curses Yohan and says he is colored with Sejal’s blood now.

Seeing red color sindoor Drishti feels uncomfortable and Shalini consoles her. Yohan is speechless while Mrinal keeps saying that Sejal will keep haunting them and they all are reason for her death. Mrinal tells about how Sejal kept saying about her innocence but none of them believed it. SK sir silently keeps listening to everything. The episode ends with Mrinal and Saras going back with Sejal’s ashes pot while Yohan breaksdown completely lost about the sudden happenings.

The episode starts with Sejal being taken inside the jail while on other hand Yohan is with Veera Nanda at hospital. Arun is back and is worried about Veera’s health. Doctor says that Veera had a minor heart attack. Krish asks how is it possible since Veera never had any heart problems or chest pain. Doctor says it happened due to sudden shock and tension. Krish blames Yohan for giving numerous chances to terrorist like Sejal. Veera acts and says not to blame Yohan.

Yohan feels guilty and asks Veera for forgiveness. He says someone else was at fault but he kept doubting on her. Doctor asks everyone to let Veera rest. In jail Sejal feels traumatized as everyone calls her by weird names. Ahana makes excuses and goes to Veera again after everyone has left. Ahana asks Veera that she knows she didn’t get heart attack and asks her to open her eyes. Veera starts laughing and says she did get heart attack but it was self induced. Flashback shows how she has injected drugs to herself to get the heart attack.

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