Spy Bahu 12th August 2022 Written Update: Veera acts as disabled to gain sympathy


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The episode starts with Yohan crying and recalling the recent incidents as well as the past memories he spent with Sejal. Ahana comes there and asks him what he is doing. Yohan says inspite of everything happening he still feels Sejal was right and he is doing wrong. Ahana starts brainwashing him against Sejal and reminds him that Drishti and Veera’s condition are because of Sejal. She keeps provoking Yohan. Yohan asks her to stop. He sees the alcohol bottle and takes it with him.

At room, Yohan piles up everything that belongs to Sejal including their photos and burns down everything. Ahana smirks happily. Yohan thinks now he is going to himself everyday for loving her unless he forgets her completely. A leap of six months is shown. Drishti has given birth to baby boy, Adi. Adi keeps crying and Arun picks him up lovingly while Drishti is still asleep. Veera is shown on wheelchair. She says Adi is so unlucky as his mother doesn’t wake up even when he is crying. Arun says he will take care of Adi.

Arun tells its good that Yohan is not at home or else he will pick up whole house on head hearing Adi cry. Shalini says she never knew Arun can be so loving towards kids. Veera tells even she didn’t know. For Yohan and Shail, it was always she and Aarti as Arun was always busy with business. Shalini asks where Yohan is. Yohan is shown in a boxing ring. A guy introduces him as one of the richest businessman Yohan Nanda. He hits his opponent furiously but later instead of fighting back keeps getting beaten up.

One guy from audience says about Yohan always doing the same and wonders why he is punishing himself. Yohan still imagines Sejal around him and feels helpless. He is badly hurt after the boxing match. At home, Ahana wears saree and comes. Shalini indirectly taunts her. Ahana injects some medicine in Drishti’s saline. She tells that after 3 hours again medicine should be given. She brings milk bottle and says she will feed Adi but Arun stops her and tells he will do it as Adi should get habit of having milk only from him.

Yohan comes and sees Ahana in saree and scolds her for dressing like Sejal and says he hates everything related to Sejal. After he leaves, Ahana asks Veera if she will also scold her. Veera gets up from her wheelchair. Ahana tells her that she should be careful. Veera says no one is around.

Ahana says that even though Yohan has agreed to marry her but has not decided the date yet. Veera says their marriage is just a deal for getting business under control. Ahana tells Veera to address her as Mahira Nanda and not Ahana. The episode ends with a girl shown whom someone is calling as Paro.

Episode Ends.

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