Spy Bahu 12th July 2022 Written Update: Drishti responds to Sejal’s conversation


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The episode starts with Yohan telling Sejal he will definitely find out who was with Abhishek and will make sure that person gets punished as she is the reason behind his sister’s life getting destroyed. Doctor tells Yohan that Drishti isn’t responding at all and the proceedings they are going to do may harm the baby so he needs to sign the papers that they are ready to abort the child. Yohan is shocked. Sejal asks if she can talk to Drishti once.

Doctor permits Sejal to meet Drishti for few minutes. Sejal goes and starts crying saying she couldn’t save Drishti’s husband. Drishti holds her hand and her heartbeat starts being very rapid. Doctor tells its a good sign since Drishti is now responding and there is no need for abortion anymore.

Yohan’s family comes there. Arun keeps talking about business instead of worrying about Drishti. Yohan scolds him. Yohan’s brother tells him that situation in Dubai branch is really not good, he asks if he can go instead of Yohan as Drishti needs Yohan more here. He tells Shalini to take care of Drishti and family properly.

Doctor tells that Drishti is still in shock and needs to be kept under observation for few more days before discharging her. She tells Drishti needs more attention and care. Sejal cries thinking Yohan is happy for his sister but she cannot even cry properly for her brother’s death. She has a breakdown. Sejal’s senior talk about Sejal and tells if she would have revealed truth their intelligence team’s integrity for years would have been questioned and they need to make sure Sejal doesn’t tell the truth to anyone in the future too.

Abhishek’s final rites are being done. Arun still keeps being rude and talking carelessly. He asks why Drishti is being brought on wheelchair. His wife tells that its because Drishti is very weak and he should see the situation before criticizing. Drishti holds Sejal’s hands.

Shalini is about to place rose petals infront of Farid’s photo, Drishti runs and throws it away saying her husband isnt dead and she wants to kill him. Drishti gets hysteric. Someone calls her mad and Yohan shuts them up. Sejal tells Drishti that Abhishek has gone for a mission that’s why he isn’t here, she calms down.

Doctor gives her injection and tells Sejal did right by hiding the truth. She says once Drishti is stable they can gradually tell her the truth. Its good that atleast she is responding and trusting Sejal. Mrinal tells now she has to leave and tells Sejal her family needs her more than her mission.

Yohan and his little brother in law share a cute moment as the latter tell him to call him if he feels low and vice versa. The episode ends with Sejal remembering Farid’s death and information he gave about the mastermind being in Nanda house

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