Spy Bahu 13th July 2022 Written Update: Drishti goes hysterical seeing Abhishek’s belonging


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The episode starts with Yohan sitting and crying thinking about the recent happenings and feeling helpless about Drishti’s condition. Sejal comes and tells him if he is himself being weak how will they take care of Drishti. Yohan breaksdown and hugs Sejal. He tells her how he feels so safe with her presence. Yohan tells Sejal is she had seen the mandap that day. Yohan further says that he wanted to marry her again with new promises this time.

Shalini is shown taking something from Drishti’s cupboard while she is sleeping. Sejal feels emotional and Yohan tells that she has been carrying on all her responsibilities inspite of everything. Sejal and Yohan hope Drishti’s condition can improve. Suddenly they hear screaming noises.

They reach Drishti’s room to find Drishti attacking Shalini. Shalini tells she was instructed to remove all of Abhishek’s belongings from the room. Yohan calms Drishti down. He convinces her somehow. Drishti snatches Abhishek’s bag and hugs it. Yohan tells her that she can give it to Sejal as she trusts Sejal. Drishti tells Sejal to keep it safe as Abhishek will ask for it when he comes back.

Shalini tells that she cannot take risk of her life and leaves from there hurriedly. However Sejal’s mother in law instructs her to donate all the items as everytime she sees Abhishek’s images or things she starts behaving strangely so for her well being its better to keep these things away from her. She tells Sejal to donate all those so that Abhishek and Drishti’s child gets more blessings. Sejal agrees to do the same. Later Drishti calls on Abhishek’s number and wonder why he is not receiving the call.

Drishti decides to go to police station herself and scold Abhishek. Drishti wears police uniform and is going out when Arun sees and asks what is she wearing. She sees him with a file and suddenly gets hysterical again. Drishti throws away the file and starts hitting Arun and telling him that its not her fault that her mother passed away. Arun keeps scolding her. Arun pushes Drishti away but Sejal holds her in time. Sejal tells Arun not to forget his limits and that Drishti is pregnant. Arun tells she should get the child aborted because father is dead and mother is weak to handle herself.

Sejal gets angry at him. Sejal reminds him that Drishti has lost too many relationships and cannot afford to lose another one. She also tells him that Drishti is his own blood. Arun gets pissed and raises his hand on Sejal but Yohan comes and stops her.

Yohan takes Sejal’s side and protects Drishti. Later Yohan feels grateful to Sejal for taking care of Drishti. Yohan and Sejal share eyelock and emotional moment. The episode ends with Yohan also falling asleep and Sejal wishing she could marry him again but she feels drifting away.

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