Spy Bahu 15th July 2022 Written Update: Sejal confesses her love to Yohan


Spy Bahu 15th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan and Sejal talking about the transaction errors. Sejal tells its happening since 10 years. Yohan asks how she knows, Sejal tells that she looked at the files and as she always used to check accounts for her father. Yohan calls his staff and tells to bring all the files and details for the past 10 years. Sejal asks Yohan till when they can get the files. He tells he has asked to get it by today but as data is too much it may get delayed.

Sejal thinks she can get information about the transaction related to terrorists. Sejal and Yohan reach home and see Drishti attacking Shalini and had tied her. Sejal frees Shalini and Drishti keeps saying that Shalini is devil. Yohan calms Drishti. Shalini tells Drishti hates her and Arun. She attacked her when she was simply putting flowers and then when she was keeping Abhishek’s belonging in bag and again today. Even Arun was was just sitting and reading file and Drishti started beating him up. Sejal connected all links and realized red color is triggering Drishti.

Sejal explains may be Drishti is reminded of blood when she sees red color as she had seen Abhishek’s dead body. Sejal talks to doctor and she affirms the same. Yohan asks Sejal if doctor also feels about red color being the trigger. Sejal tells they should inform all family members. Yohan gets call from accountant who tells him there are lots of big accounts which have transactions but isn’t related to company. Yohan asks if Arun knows about all this. He tells that he will go and meet accountant and Sejal requests to go with him.

Sir Ji’s manager murders accountant and even removes all the data from laptop. He sees Sejal and Yohan coming in elevator and stops it. Sejal tells Yohan that she is afraid of darkness. She starts feeling unwell. Yohan tries to calm her down and she starts losing consciousness. Sejal tells Yohan she loves him a lot and doesn’t want to die keeping this in her heart. Yohan takes Sejal outside as soon as lift opens. Yohan asks Sejal about her confession she acts clueless. Yohan tells they need to meet the accountant.

Sejal and Yohan gets shocked to see accountant lying dead. Sejal checks laptop and finds all data deleted but finds information of swiss bank account with huge amount transferred. Yohan calls and informs about the murder. Sejal wonders if Arun is behind all this. They reach home and find Drishti saying that Veera wants to kill her. Veera cries and says how can she think like this. Yohan takes Drishti to her room. Yohan finds locket fallen on floor and asks whose is it. Sejal is about to take it but Veera tells its hers. She tells Aditi had gifted it to her. Sejal feels shocked and thinks if Veera is real mastermind. The episode ends with Sejal falling unconscious being weak and worried about the situation.

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