Spy Bahu 15th June 2022 Written Update: Yohan returns back to Nanda mansion.


Spy Bahu 15th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan telling he saved young kids from being brainwashed and named it mission Kashmir. Yohan tells some he even went to Afghanistan to bring back his students. Sejal recalls SK telling him Yohan was in Afghanistan. Yohan tells Sejal he was scolding Sohail to stay away from terrorism and kept trying the last moment.

Flashback shows Yohan telling Sohail to leave terrorism and he will help in his education as the blast goes off. Yohan tells Sejal that he had no idea about Sohail’s plan and you got injured in that blast and I took you to my training centre to save you.

Sejal asks Yohan if it was a training camp why didn’t he let her call the police? Yohan tells police cannot differentiate between rehabilitation centre and terrorist camp and they would have arrested all my students.

Yohan tells he does all his work secretly to stay away from radar of police and terrorists. Yohan tells Sohail came to Delhi and I wanted to convince him to surrender but Sohail ran away from there. Flashback shows Sejal capturing Sohail and getting him arrested.

Yohan tells after Sohail’s death his friend Farid Mushtaq got really scared so I convinced him to stay on his path. Flashback shows Sejal spying on Yohan with Farid. Yohan tells Farid wanted to support Sohail’s mother so I gave him money and got him admitted in Kashmir’s college.

Sejal recalls giving the information to SK and following him. Sejal realizes that her brother took place of Farid at the signal. Yohan tells even on the day of blast he convinced two students to sit for entrance exam. Sejal recalls Yohan talking on phone and doubting him.

Flashback shows Yohan wishing luck to the students. Yohan tells he has never told all these to anyone not even his sister Drishti. Sejal recalls ratting Yohan to police the first time. Sejal cries due to guilt and stares emotionally at Yohan. Sejal tells Yohan he is really a very good person and she is proud of him and earlier she was very wrong about him.

Yohan tells Sejal that he told her everything honestly and he expects she would do the same and asks her why did she do all these? Sejal tells she did the marriage for his money and tries to leave. Yohan holds her hand and tells she wouldn’t be here taking care of him if she was a gold digger.

SK watches CCTV and tells Tanhaji all the terrorists died expect the masked on whom everyone called Master. Tanhaji tells maybe we should ask Sejal she can be of help to us. SK tells she is of no use according to her this is her dead brother Farid. Tanhaji tells it can be possible. SK tells she is wrong and she think Yohan is a good person but soon she will realize the truth.

Yohan has nightmares about the shooting at hotel and Sejal calms him down. Sejal helps Yohan walk and takes care of him. Yohan tells Sejal why doesn’t she tell him the truth? Sejal tells you will get only one answer that you are my ATM and where will I get money if something happens to you.

Yohan wakes up and finds Sejal asleep beside him on stool. Nurse tells Yohan that Sejal never sleeps on the couch and is always sitting beside him and he is really lucky to find such a loving wife. Veera welcomes Yohan home and. Drishti hugs Yohan and.

Alisha comes to meet Yohan but Yohan fakes being paralysed and scares her away. Yohan thinks bad times teaches us to identify true love. The episode ends with Yohan remembering how Sejal took care of him in hospital.

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