Spy Bahu 15th March 2022 Written Update: Sejal is fired.


Spy Bahu 15th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal doing Puja. Sejal tells Ambe Maa she was excited when she got selected for going to Delhi but now when the time to go came she is feeling nervous. Sejal’s mother tells today Sejal will be going away from the house for first time so she’s afraid. Sejal’s brother tells today Sejal is going to do hotel management internship in the biggest family of Delhi the Nanda’s. A small kids gives Sejal chocolates and tells Jatin has sent it for her.

Sejal reaches the Nanda house and falls down from the bus while getting down. The officers are keeping an eye on Nanda house. Sejal enters Nanda house and wanders away from her team. Security of the house tells her to stay with her team. Sejal dressing in leggings and gets scolded by her manager. Sejal tells him she never wore such short skirt. Sejal tells she has studied for the work today so why should her standard be judged by her clothes? Her manager scolds her and tells it is not a small village like her Jamnagar and tells her to change.

Sejal removes the leggings and thinks she will definitely create some trouble in the high heels. Sejal falls down inside a room while coming down and is fascinated by the arts and decoration of the room. Sejal picks up a photoframe of a small kid and his mother. Yohan enters the room talking with someone on phone and telling he wants everything to be perfect. Sejal escapes the room before Yohan notices her. Yohan notices the photo frame in a different place and scolds the security guy Shera for letting someone inside his room.

Yohan’s sister-in-law scolds the interns for using filter water instead of sparkling water and tells to clean the pool. Manager gives Sejal the job of cleaning the pool. Sejal finds it difficult to walk in short difficult and overhears someone saying that he will start his work secretly as soon as the party starts. Sejal’s skirt tears a little and she hides when she hears Yohan coming towards the pool.

Sejal is hiding behind the pillar and gets hiccups. Yohan tells to drink water. Sejal tells which water should she drink filter water or sparkling water. Sejal tells your Delhi is a little different from my Jamnagar. Yohan tells Delhi is not so bad and if you spend some time here you will see it yourself. Sejal wraps Yohan’s towel and runs away from there.

Drishti comes and tells Yohan to get ready for his parents anniversary. Yohan tells does they even know what being parents is and asks his sister if the theme of party is white?
Daughter-in-law of Nanda family welcomes Arun and Veera Nanda and wishes them anniversary. Arun asks where is his son? Arun tells his wife today only money is being spent but there are no emotions. Sher is drinking and his wife tells him she is doing so much so that his father gives the company chair to him and not his brother Yohan.

Shalini exposes Drishti’s paralysed hand and taunts her. Youan comes dressed only in a towel at the party and tells everyone that his sister is perfect like his mother Aarti Nanda and rest of the people in this house are imperfect. Yohan tells his mother’s sister Veera is imperfect and his father is imperfect who didn’t even wait six months to marry again. Yohan tells Krish should he call him cousin or brother as he is his father’s son and aunt’s son too. Arun tells Yohan to get dressed. Yohan tells the theme is white and he is wearing a white towel so he is following all the rules and wishes his dad a birthday from his dead mother’s side. Sher looses his cool over ice and starts shouting and his wife tries to calm him and hits Sejal.

Sejal tells that she didn’t let the tray fall but gets scolded and is fired. Sejal overheard the same guy selling a video on phone that would ruin Nanda family’s reputation for 25lacs and tries to catch him but he runs inside the house. Sejal tries to find him and recalls his tattoo from her memory and that he was walking on mud. Sejal follows the footsteps and finds him but he runs away. Sejal calls for help and Shera finds the pen with hidden camera he used for recording. The episode ends with Sejal thinking she ruined the chance of gaining reputation in her grandmother’s eyes.

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