Spy Bahu 16th September 2022 Written Update: Veera plans to finish Nandas


Spy Bahu 16th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Veera warning Arbaaz not to go against her or else he will also be shot dead like the manager. Shalini who got scared witnessing everything mistakenly drops something and gets noticed by the trio. She starts running to save herself from Veera. Veera, Arbaaz and Ahana follow her. At home, Yohan is playing with Abhi. He finds Drishti getting emotional and asks what happened. She shows clothes for Abhi and says Sejal bought it. Yohan thinks how inspite of his mistreatment Sejal always cared for his family.

Sejal comes there with Drishti’s medical reports and informs Yohan that there were traces of sleeping pills in high dose in Drishti’s blood. Yohan feels guilty of not being able to take care of all the people whom he loves, his mother Aarti, then Sejal and Drishti. He promises to get Veera punished for all her wrongdoings. Shalini hides in a corner and throws something on the opposite side to distract Veera and Ahana. Meanwhile she thinks to inform the truth about Veera to Yohan and Sejal. She keeps calling them but none of them receives the call as phones are kept away on the table.

Shalini tries to run but at the end gets up coming in front of Veera. She pleads Veera to let her go and she won’t tell her truth to anyone. Veera says she can either save herself or save Shalini. Veera mercilessly shoots Shalini and she dies on the spot. Veera hurts herself on the head and Ahana says if she has already thought of a story about Shalini’s death. Veera comes to Nanda Mansion crying and starts acting. Arbaaz and Ahana come with Shalini’s dead body.

Veera starts lying that they were attacked by goons who looted their jewellery and when Veera denied to give her engagement ring they started fighting. Ahana says that they were going to shoot Veera but Shalini came in between. Sejal and Yohan discuss how everything is a lie but Yohan asks Sejal to control her emotions. Krish cries badly and says Shalini was his only friend. Arun tells Yohan to inform Shail as they have to do last rituals for Shalini. Yohan asks what Ayuub is doing with them. Ahana cooks up a story that he is one who saved them from the goons.

Arun thanks Arbaaz. Later Veera again reminds Ahana never to betray her and how instead of Arbaaz, Shalini and manager got killed. She tells that on Ganapati she has planned a big blast in Nanda industry in which everyone will get killed except Veera. Ahana asks what about her.

Yohan, Krish and Arun return home after doing Shalini’s last rites. Krish hugs Yohan and says now he can understand how Yohan must have felt losing his mother. Veera asks Krish to freshen up. The episode ends with Veera saying Yohan that she is missing Aarti and Yohan thinks he cannot tolerate her fake acting.

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