Spy Bahu 18th August 2022 Written Update: Yohan and Paro finally meet each other


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The episode starts with Paro trying to save the kids from fire. She ties her dupatta on her face. Yohan also comes there. Paro safely makes all the kids leave from backstage. Yohan sees Paro still there and realises she is trying to save the national flag from fire. Yohan also hops in to save the flag. Cloth from Paro’s face falls down and Yohan is shocked to see Sejal. He murmurs her name but she fails to recognize him.

Yohan sees that she is pregnant and gets more perplexed. Before Yohan could talk to Paro, Harsh comes there and scolds her for not thinking about her baby and jumping into fire. Bapuji also comes there and take her from there. Yohan is left confused. Later, he goes outside and Ahana shows fake concern seeing his burnt hand. Staff comes and informs Yohan about guns at exhibition being stolen by someone. Ahana tells this may spoil their company name. Yohan says not to worry as he already had a doubt something like this can happen so he had displayed fake guns. They are also installed with trackers so whoever has stolen will be caught.

Yohan asks the manager to find who had lit fire in the exhibition as he feels that person is part of the gang. He also asks about the lady who saved the kids and flag. Paro tells Bapuji that she couldn’t let their national flag get burnt. He says she is true patriot and he feels she used to work for country’s well being before too. Paro says about Yohan and how his eyes were filled with tears seeing her and wonders if he is connected to her somehow.

Ahana calls her teammate and asks them to leave the guns and escape asap. Manager gives Paro’s earring to Yohan which had fallen near the flag. He tells that she has already left and their family had come from Gujarat. Yohan is confused about the situation and strongly feels it was Sejal only. He asks manager to gather more information. Yohan comes to Drishti and sees her sleeping in the car. She keeps murmuring something. Ahana comes and Yohan questions her for going. She makes excuse of bringing water for Drishti. Yohan notices the accessories bag kept in the car.

Yohan matches it with the earring he got and remembers how bapuji had said his daughter made those. He is confused about how Sejal can be his daughter. Ahana tells Yohan to come home with her and do engagement preparations. But he denies and says he has something more important to do. Ek duje ke vaaste plays as Paro’s car passes by Yohan who is standing there holding her earring. The episode ends with Yohan thinking he will go to find Sejal.

Precap -Arun tells Ahana that engagement is canceled. While Yohan reaches Kathiawari to find Paro. Paro slips and falls in Harsh’s arms which is seen by Yohan.

The episode starts with the exhibition at Delhi. Paro and BapuJi reach the place and wonder if they are late as all the stalls are already ready. Paro asks about their stall number. At Nanda Mansion, Ahana talks to her fellow accomplice and tells them that SirJi has already explained her the plan two days ago and it has to be executed today. Shalini overhears last part of the conversation and thinks she needs to keep an eye on Mahira.

Yohan tells that he is leaving for the function and exhibition. Ahana comes and says she will also go along. Yohan tells he has to take care of the arms and cannot take her. But she fakes the reason of meeting doctor for Drishti’s condition and emotionally makes Yohan agree to let her go with him. Shalini brings Drishti to go with Yohan and Mahira. Yohan’s staff bring the guns to be displayed at the venue. He instructs them to take it safely to the manager. Paro asks Bapuji if she will find someone in the exhibition who might recognize her.

Yohan and Paro are nearby and move past each other but fail to see. Later Paro’s dupatta fly over Yohan’s face but before he could see her face, she turns around. Ahana meets her team members and instructs them what to do. Paro and BapuJi set their

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