Spy Bahu 18th March 2022 Written Update: Suryakant offers Sejal to work for him.


Spy Bahu 18th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Suryakant telling Sejal she was born here with the name of Marya and you were adopted by your current family. Suryakant tells Sejal he is an officer in research and analysis of Indian police force. Sejal tells him that his research might be wrong because she is Sejal. Suryakant tells Sejal to give him ten minutes if she wants the answers Kashmir has raised for her. Suryakant tells Sejal why was she reading namaz in mosque? How was she replying in Kashmiri? Sejal stops and starts listening to Suryakant. Suryakant tells Sejal about her brother’s birthday the day her family was killed. Sejal has flashback celebrating with her family. Sejal recalls hiding inside the closet on that day when the terrorists came.

Suryakant asks Sejal does she remember the necklace she is wearing? Sejal has flashback of Suryakant giving it to her when he took her out of the closet. Sejal runs out of her house and breaksdown crying. Suryakant tells Sejal that your father worked as an informed for this country’s security and I want you do the same. Sejal tells Suryakant that he is asking her to the work he failed to do, if he would have reached on time her parents would have been alive today. Sejal tells she found a new family and was happy with them but you brought me back here and reminded me everything so that she can do some work for him that is really selfish of you.

Suryakant tells he wants only the good for this country. He tells Sejal that her parents gave their life for the country and he wants only six months from her. Sejal tells she doesn’t have any talent,if she removes her spect she can’t even see who is standing in front of her,she gets scared of dark so even now she sleeps between her parents. Suryakant tells he has been monitoring her and she isn’t aware of her talents yet. Sejal returns the necklace to Suryakant and leaves from there. Sejal comes and hugs her mother and father. Sohail picks up a showpiece and decides he will do the work he was supposed to do. Sejal finds Yohan and goes to return his wallet.

Sejal is about to return Yohan’s wallet to him but he notices Sohail and rushes to catch him. Sohail drops the showpiece on road. Yohan gets hold of Sohail and tells him to decide finally because it is now or never. Sohail tells Yohan that he got scared for a while but now he will see. Sejal runs towards Yohan to return his wallet. Flashback shows Sohail getting a bomb placed inside the showpiece. The bomb blasts and the episode ends with Sejal and Yohan lying unconscious on the ground.

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