Spy Bahu 19th July 2022 Written Update: Sejal wins against Veera Nanda


Spy Bahu 19th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal waking up and finds Yohan isn’t there. She gets call from Yohan saying he has already left for office as he had important work. Sejal thinks she needs to decode the 70 crore Swiss bank account details. Veera is trying to feed Drishti but Drishti asks whether she will beat her if she doesn’t eat. Veera tells why does she think so, Drishti keeps denying to eat. Sejal comes and sees the locket in Veera’s neck and feels danger.

Sejal quickly stops Veera from feeding Drishti. Sejal makes excuses that Drishti wants to eat same food that she ate yesterday that’s why she stopped Veera. Drishti tells she will eat dosa. Veera tells Sejal thank you for taking care of Drishti.

Sejal tells she will always protect her. Veera says about going to meet investors for night school. Sejal asks servant to prepare dosa for Drishti. She sees Shalini and tells her to take care of Drishti and she will be back in sometime. Shalini misunderstands that reason behind Sejal’s secrecy is her extramarital affair.

Veera is shown wearing all black outfit and working as SirJi. She does conference call with all her teammates but all are shown wearing masks. She tells that no one can decode bank code and asks what they should do with that money. She also ensures that Yohan won’t become a hurdle in their arms exchange deals.

Sejal reaches office and spends some cozy moments with Yohan as the latter flirts with Sejal and asks her to tell what she didn’t tell him last night. Sejal feels shy. Suddenly peon comes to ask for tea and Yohan gets annoyed. Sejal changes the topic and asks Yohan about Auditor’s family member.

Manager calls and informs SirJi that Yohan has called special team to decode. Veera is still confident. Sejal requests Yohan to let her try decoding once. He tells expert team is trying but she keeps insisting and finally agrees. Yohan goes to check new security system while Sejal starts working on decoding the system.

Veera open the account and thinks she will withdraw the money. Sejal keeps failing to decode and remembers her lessons during Spy training. She tries again but it fails. Sejal finally succeeds not only in decoding but also transfers all the money to Nanda industries.

Veera is shocked to see her account balance as zero. She is left more amazed when she finds the money has been transferred to Nanda’s industry. She thinks now her team may question her authenticity. Veera reaches home and is surprised to see media there.

Sejal tells her to come as they were waiting for her. Its shown how Sejal suggested Yohan to donate 70 crore for Kashmir mission. Veera is confused about what’s going on and the episode ends with Veera getting more shocked seeing the staff bring a cheque of 70 crore for charity donation.

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