Spy Bahu 1st August 2022 Written Update: Veera threatens Sejal using her family


Spy Bahu 1st August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Veera laughing hysterically and asking Sejal if she thought that she can record all her confessions and she won’t even understand. Veera compliments her for being a good spy but say she is more experienced and nothing works inside the room. She asks Sejal to quickly replay the video she had recorded. Sejal realizes nothing was saved in the gallery. Veera then goes on to taunt her and shows her live footage from her home at Jamnagar.

Sejal gets angry and asks how dare she reach her home and family. Veera laughs and says in the same way as she reached hers. She tells Sejal that not only camera but also bombs are fitted in her home.

Veera shows another footage from Nanda Mansion where Ahana dresses as Sejal and fools Yohan. He goes near her but backs off realizing she is not Sejal. Sejal says she trusts her Yohan. But Veera tells she had trapped Arun by seducing like this. Veera allows Sejal to escape from her office and laughs at her state again.

Sejal thinks she trusts Yohan but not Ahana as she is trained well. Meanwhile Yohan asks Ahana about the candle and romantic setup. She makes excuses. Ahana intentionally burns her saree and Yohan picks her up to make her lie down on bed and Sejal enters at same time. He starts clarifying the situation but Sejal tells she trusts and loves him.

Ahana acts nice and says her saree got burnt. Sejal says she will give another one to her and can share everything but not Yohan as he is her husband. Ahana feels annoyed as Sejal didn’t doubt Yohan at all and her plan failed completely. She asks Yohan to take her along when he goes to police station for Farid.

Sejal and Yohan have a conversation as Yohan teases her for looking hot while showing her right on him. Sejal tells him that she feels they may drift apart. Yohan jokes with her and says he loves her a lot. She says same. Yohan also tells about going to police station for Farid’s case investigation details. Shalini hears voice of anklets and thinks someone is around. She tries to follow the sound. Fake Mahira aka Ahana meets Veera and tells how Sejal doesn’t look afraid at all. Veera thinks they need to use her family to keep her threatened.

Veera tells Ahana about Sejal’s family being under her hostage. Shalini comes to Veera’s room and looks around she only finds Veera sleeping on the bed but feels suspicious of the surrounding. Later Veera says Ahana that she has to be more cautious. Ahana says Shalini is stupid and cannot catch them. On the other hand Sejal is confused how to tell about Veera’s truth to Yohan and thinks she also needs to save her family first. The episode ends.

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