Spy Bahu 20th June 2022 Written Update: Yohan and Sejal find a lead against the terrorists.


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The episode starts with Yohan thinking about Sejal. Drishti tells Yohan I felt the same way when I fell in love with Avishek just like you are in love with Sejal. Drishti tells don’t you get worried when she is not around? Sejal tells Ambe Maa she didn’t want any lie in her relationship so what is to she understand by the mangalsutra back in he neck.

Yohan tells love doesn’t happen this easily. Drishti tells you didn’t care about your life for you, Sejal stayed awake for you,brought Shail back, your relationship has been through a lot of difficulty. Sejal tells when the relationship is about to break why are we becoming closer.

Yohan tells did you forget how our relation started and I still don’t no why and there is so much I don’t know why. Sejal tells I can’t expect Yohan to friend after I hid so much truth from him. Drishti tells he has so many questions still he loves her. Drishti tells loving someone without telling is a beautiful feeling. Sejal tells she wishes she could explain to SK that Yohan is innocent she would have told the truth to him today itself.

SK tells that he is raiding Nanda industries right now. Arun tells he has no authority to do so. SK tells he has warrant and tells they found evidence that the guns used in Mumbai attack were made in Nanda indistries so till the case is solved Nanda industries will remain closed. Yohan tells there is some misunderstanding. SK tells Yohan you were present in the hotel during attack and we have evidence of suspicious activity related to you so you are under arrest till the case is solved.

Drishti tries calling Avishek. SK tells Arun he is also under arrest as he is the owner of Nanda industries. Sejal tells SK to show her the copies of warrant. Sejal tells the attacks were well planned so why would the Nanda’s leave their barcode on the guns? SK tells everyone makes mistakes.

Sejal tells Yohan was present at the hotel and he could have removed all the evidence if he wanted. SK tells we need evidence to prove their innocence. Sejal tells SK he has search warrant not arrest warrant. SK tells Nanda industries would remain closed for twelve hours and after that I won’t even waste one minute before arresting both of you because the right place for traitors is inside jail. Sejal tells SK she would like to request for him to return after 12hours and till than she will try to prove that Nanda industries is not linked with these attacks.

SK thinks Sejal is using his taught tricks on him only. Shalini tells Sejal how does she know so much, does she work in secret police service? Yohan tells instead of thinking so much we should thank Sejal because her presence of mind got us twelve hours.

Sejal tells Yohan not to worry we will find some way. Arun tries calling the home minister and hires all the big lawyers. Arun tells Shail he will create political pressure as we will be on road if we got arrested.

Sejal tells Yohan we have to find the traitor who gave the guns to terrorists. Yohan tells we have to look into sales reports of last few months. Sejal goes through the files very fast and Yohan is surprised. Sejal tells the guns were not sold but given in sample so they are not entered in the list of sales.

Yohan tells there is a different file of sample guns and gives it to Sejal. Sejal finds Mr. Shah’s name and tells she knows who the traitor is. Flashback shows SK telling that there is terrorist in the investors coming to Nanda house. Yohan ask Sejal is she sure the guns given to Shah are the guns in police reports?

Sejal recalls the gun numbers from her photographic memory and matches them with the file. Yohan asks her how does she remember all the numbers? Sejal tells even kids remember such things let us focus on matter at hand. Yohan and Sejal realize Mr. Shah was behind the attack and Yohan tells he hates people who cheat.

Mr. Shah tells Avishek what should I call you Farid or Yohan’s brother-in-law? Avishek tells I am the soldier of freedom and businessman like you supply us with weapon but I don’t understand why do you support our mission? Mr. Shah tells all he cares about is money and today itself they are about to receive a big consignment.

Yohan tells today a 100 crore consignment is about to be delivered to Shah and he may not store such big consignment so it is possible he will give it to terrorist today. Avishek tells we have never met Sir Ji but we are well aware of his mission. Yohan and Sejal find the address of gun delivery and go to find evidence against Shah and stop the consignment. The episode ends with Yohan asking Sejal if she is a spy?

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