Spy Bahu 21st July 2022 Written Update: Sejal diffuses time bomb


Spy Bahu 21st July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan and Sejal going to office with their hands tied via dupatta. All the office staffs laugh. Sejal tells Yohan its good he will get blessings for making people smile. Yohan tells he will do more noble work then and hugs Sejal which makes her embarrassed. She scolds him and asks him to finish work quickly as Drishti is alone at home. Veera is shown sitting beside Drishti. She tries to use her as a bait to distract Yohan and Sejal.

Veera picks up pillow and tells Drishti she will do pillow fight with her. Drishti remembers when Veera had attacked her earlier with pillow and gets panic attack. She starts crying and says she wants to be with Sejal. Veera tells she will send her and tells driver to take Drishti to office. Once Drishti leaves, Veera also sits in another car and reaches office. At office Yohan checks all the weapons and is about to sign the papers. Sejal again recalls her nightmare about Yohan getting murdered. She sees red ink on Yohan’s thumb but panics misunderstanding it as blood.

Sejal laughs on her own stupidity and feels embarrassed while Yohan teases her back cutely as he hears Sejal calling herself as Chasmish Chachu. Drishti reaches warehouse and Veera follows her there. She intentionally throws a red ball at Drishti to trigger her. Drishti starts calling Sejal. Sejal hears her voice but Yohan thinks its her misunderstanding. Later they reach warehouse and see Drishti in a panicking state and she keeps saying about murderer mother. Sejal thinks Drishti is talking about Veera. Veera comes and says Drishti fooled her and came alone from home and she only listens to Sejal these days.

Sejal and Yohan tries to control but she is afraid. Sejal notices the red ball and understands Veera’s tricks to distract them. Drishti mistakenly picks up a time bomb. Sejal asks Yohan to call SK sir and inform him to send antibomb squad. Sejal tries to stop Drishti from activating the bomb. Drishti pulls Veera and holds her neck. She also mistakenly activates the timebomb. Sejal remembers her training days and think she needs to cut the correct wire to diffuse the bomb. Sejal successfully diffuses it which leaves Veera shocked. She questions her about it but Sejal says she just learnt it from watching movies and made a guess which became correct.

Yohan scolds Sejal for taking risk. He tells she and Drishti are both his weakness. Sejal tells him not to worry and he goes to meet Police. Yohan checks footage of cctv of site when Farid was murdered. However Kanhaji Sir had already deleted the part where Sejal was visible. He talks to Sejal and warns her to be more careful in future. Veera is shown coming towards her room. The episode ends with Veera dropping oil on staircase to harm Sejal as she keeps failing her plans.

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