Spy Bahu 21st June 2022 Written Update: Yohan and Sejal reach the godown.


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The episode starts with Yohan telling Sejal she should be a spy. Sejal starts coughing and Yohan tells if you cough like this while spying it will be game over. Yohan tells Sejal we came in hurry but we didn’t make any plan and all we have is a gun. Sejal tells we won’t need it all we need to do is record the deal and send it to police. Sejal tells Yohan not to worry we will do this. Yohan tells we fell from hills, bomb blast,got shot we have been through so much together that we will do this too. Yohan and Sejal stare at each other as Keh Do Na plays in BM. Yohan meets an accident and damage the car.

Drishti calls Avishek and tells him to help her brother. Avishek tells her not to worry he will help and asks where are Yohan and Sejal. Drishti tells they went to office to check paperwork. Avishek thinks he shouldn’t take any chance and take the delivery of weapons today itself from Shah.

Yohan tries asking for lift but fails. Sejal tells she will ask for lift. Yohan tells her people who give life to beautiful girls are not trustworthy. Sejal tells she is not just beautiful but smart too and uses a football to fake being pregnant. Sejal asks for lift and stops the first car. The car owner gives them lift but tells there is place for only one person and asks Yohan and Sejal to adjust.

Yohan and Sejal get into the car. Arun tells the lawyers to find a way that they don’t get arrested. Car driver asks have you thought of some name for the kid? Yohan tells if it’s a girl they will name her hichki and if it’s a boy they will call him khakra. The family asks Yohan and Sejal about their honeymoon. Yohan tells they went to Kashmir but it’s beauty cannot be described in words.

Sejal tells Yohan to try and explain. Yohan describes hills and snows. Sejal continues and describes lakes and Yohan tells there was a lot of happiness. Yohan and Sejal imagine themselves in Kashmir and enjoying together. Yohan thinks till today he dreamed of this moments with Mahira but why did he imagine Sejal today? Sejal thinks why was she thinking about Yohan.

Driver drops Sejal and Yohan as they had to go on a different route. Yohan steals a bike and runs with Sejal. Yohan tells Sejal he did not steal but just borrowed the bike and left a chit to collect bike and money from Nanda mansion. Sejal tells she is worried what if we get late? Yohan watches in rearview mirror that their truck is behind them. Sejal tells Yohan to take shortcut and reach quicker. Avishek tells if we get into police radar it would be Yohan and Sejal’s last day.

Yohan and Sejal reach the location and hide in corner. Sejal asks Yohan how is his gf Alisha,she saw him running away like she saw a ghost? Yohan tells you might be the first wife asking her husband about his gf,we broke up. Sejal ask why so? Yohan tells because I told her my lower body is in a vegetative state and she would have to take care of me. Sejal laughs and Yohan stares at her.

Yohan saves Sejal from a scorpion and they come closer. Yohan asks Sejal if she was thinking the same thing as him when he was telling about their imaginary honeymoon? Yohan tells he think even she wants to live that fake story in reality. Sejal stays silent and Yohan tells does she know even silence is an answer.

Sejal tells she is sorry and she realized her mistakes and tells Yohan he is a very good person and deserves a good life so she will leave him forever. Yohan tells Sejal you came on your own and will live with your wish do you think this marriage is a joke? Yohan tells he can’t even understand what she wants.

Sejal tells Yohan I want divorce from you but no court will give divorce before six months so why don’t we stay these six months and is interrupted by the arrival of truck. Shah calls Avishek and tells he has reached the point with consignment and asks for transfer. Avishek transfers the money and tells now his men will handle the matter. Sejal and Avishek record the everything. Terrorists test the gun and fire it. The episode ends with Yohan telling maybe the terrorists noticed us.

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