Spy Bahu 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Veera finds out that Sejal is Mahira


Spy Bahu 22nd July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Veera sitting in hall and waiting for Sejal to wake up and slip from the stairs as she had dropped oil there. Veera comes outside and is shocked to see Sejal already downstairs praying in the temple and saying she will offer prasad. Sejal hears screaming and Sejal remembers how she had seen Veera pouring oil and she got careful. Sejal rather dropped oil infront of Veera’s room. As a result Veera slipped and got hurt. Sejal taunts her indirectly but Veera understands that Sejal had made her fall and thinks she will find out about her identity.

Minal is shocked to see government employee at her home. He says he is there for population count. Minal gets confused why he is there so late night. Staff gets call and tells he is there. Minal’s husband stops her from giving any information and says that he finds it suspicious. They understand that he has come to find information about Sejal. Sejal massages Veera’s legs and she screams more in pain. Shalini offers her juice but she denies. Krish asks Veera to give him 2 lakhs as he wants to buy a limited edition watch.

Shalini says she can take money from locker and give to Krish. Sejal is shocked to see that Veera is reluctant to give locker keys and wonders what’s the reason. The guy at Sejal’s home asks Sejal’s parents about how many kids they have. Before Mrinal could answer, Bamba says two him and Sejal. Bebe comes and says Sejal is adopted girl from Kashmir since she was five years old she has been staying with them. Later Arun Nanda comes back from Dubai and Yohan asks if he wants to scold him for donating 70 crore but instead Arun praises him for the profits he has earned.

Shalini asks Veera to hand over her keys. Sejal also agrees. Arun and Yohan come there. Yohan tells that Sejal has been taking care of Drishti, Yohan and everyone in the house so she should get the keys however Arun can make the final decision. Arun announces that Sejal should get the keys. Shalini gets angry and calls Sejal gold digger. Veera feels frustrated as she has to give the keys to Sejal.

Manager gets every detail about Sejal and informs Veera that she is from Kashmir and her name is Mahira. He also tells about her DNA test report. Veera understands Farid and Mahira’s connection and feels betrayed by Farid for hiding the truth from her. Manager also says Sejal is one who had decoded the password for bank account. Veera recalls all the past incidents where Sejal had saved everyone and also how she had stopped from getting Yohan died inside the wall. Veera understands Sejal is a spy and the episode ends.

Precap Sejal will get call from someone who knows her identity as Mahira. She panics and thinks she needs to tell the truth to Yohan herself.

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