Spy Bahu 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Mr. Shah about to reveal Avishek’s true identity


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The episode starts with the terrorists finding the hidden bike and realising someone else is hiding here. Shah informs Avishek about the hidden bike and starts searching around. Yohan and Sejal hide inside the godwon and thinks of getting help. Yohan texts Avishek to help them and Avishek informs Shah that Yohan and Sejal and today they should die. Yohan tells Sejal to stay hidden and starts fighting with the terrorists.

Sejal helps Yohan and they put down a few terrorists but in the end they are surrounded by terrorists with guns. Shah tells today he will get them killed and finish what he couldn’t at Mumbai attack. Sejal tells Shah not to move forward or she will upload his truth with one click and tells him to let Yohan go and she will delete the video.

Sejal throws a water can and naked electric wire at the terrorists giving them all electric shock. Shah tries to run but Yohan goes after him and catches him. Yohan and Sejal inquire Shah about the mastermind behind Mumbai attack. Shah tells just like him, the mastermind is also hidden among them but they couldn’t see.

Shah is about to reveal the identity of Avishek but is shot dead. Yohan and Sejal look around shocked to find Avishek shooting him. Avishek places a gun in Shah’s hand and tells Yohan that Shah was just fooling you with his words and was about to kill you. Yohan thanks Avishek for saving them. Avishek thinks he will kill Yohan and Sejal and tell that they got caught in cross fire. Avishek is about to shoot Yohan but SK arrived there with his team. Avishek lies that he thought that more terrorists were coming so he became alert.

Sejal tells SK about the video and Shah’s involvement in Mumbai attack. SK tells he will need to verify the video first and praises for Avishek for his bravery. Sejal shows the video to Tanhaji and Yohan notices them. Avishek returns to Nanda mansion with Yohan and Sejal. Arun thanks Yohan and tells how could be we not recognize Shah,he would have ruined us. Shail tells Yohan why did he take the risk of going alone.

 Yohan tells Sejal was with him and she was the one who found evidence against Shah. Arun praises Avishek and accepts him as a member of the family and tells him to live in Nanda house permanently. Arun tells he was just on call with commissioner and Avishek is about to get bravery award. Yohan thinks till yesterday Arun hated the son-in-law today he became his son,how could someone be so selfish. Krish tells Shalini that Avishek is now ahead of dad’s favorite son list ahead of Shail.

Drishti tells Avi she is so proud that he is getting his first bravery award. Avishek tells the award would suit in her hands. Drishti tells that Yohan doesn’t know how to express his feelings so she wants to send him on a romantic date with Sejal. Avishek thinks of using the opportunity to kill Yohan and Sejal and tells Drishti to invite them for his award ceremony and they can go on a long drive and express his feelings.

Yohan takes out Mahira’s picture and thinks he met her for the first time in Kashmir and even met Sejal in Kashmir. Yohan thinks Mahira left him and now Sejal is ready to leave him. Sejal thinks she is unable to decide whether her decision of leaving Yohan is right or wrong. Yohan thinks fate took away Mahira and his mother from him. The episode ends with Yohan deciding to fight with his fate this time.

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