Spy Bahu 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Yohan gets bail.


Spy Bahu 22nd March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Jatin coming to meet Sejal. Sejal tells him she is worried because of the blasts in Kashmir and why does everyone have to pay a price for something good. Jatin tells her she would never have to pay anything for his friendship. Jatin tells Sejal he knows she is just twisting the real topic but he wants her to promise that she will always come to him first whenever she needs anything. Sejal promises him and thanks him for bringing her eggs.

Suryakant interrogates Yohan and asks him about his connection to Sohail. Yohan denies knowing Sohail but Suryakant tells he has CCTV footage of Yohan talking with Sohail. Yohan tells that he was just asking directions from him. Yohan asks on what charges is he being held? Suryankant tells Yohan he will have to speak the truth. Mr. Nanda comes there with his lawyer and tells Suryakant he cannot keep his son here like this. Mr. Nanda tells Yohan to let him handle the matter and he will free Yohan but on one condition that Yohan will have to work with him in his office. Yohan denies his offer and tells him to leave.

Minal brings food for Sejal but Sejal doesn’t wake up. Minal tries to cheer up Sejal but fail. Saras tells Sejal to take her time and they all fall asleep. Minal wakes up in morning but is unable to find Sejal anywhere. Minal and Saras gets worried and starts looking everywhere. Sejal is worshipping at a Majar and Minal finds her. Minal is shocked to find Sejal there and asks her where did she learn this and what else has she learned? Sejal tells she learned a lot,she learned to worship Ambe Maa,she learned to make fafdas and do Garba as the five year old girl that came to this house didn’t know anything.

Minal gets angry at Sejal and leaves from there. Saras and Sejal tries to calm her. Saras tells Minal not to be upset with Sejal as she didn’t do anything wrong. Saras tells Sejal that the fault is their as everyone has the right to know their truth. Saras tells Sejal that the day they brought her home she became a part of their soul and they never felt like they adopted her. Minal tells Sejal that Saras has told his side of the story but she wants an answer now and asks Sejal if she is still her mother? Sejal hugs Minal and calls her mummy.

Drishti tells Yohan to listen to his father and come back home. Yohan agrees to his father’s condition watching his sister cry and gets bail. Suryakant calls Sejal again and asks her if she doesn’t feel any duty towards her parents. Sejal tells Minal that it is a credit card seller,Minal scolds him and tells him not to bother Sejal again. Sejal tells Minal that Bambe is coming. Minal tells he might be hungry and need Dhoklas. Sejal looks at her brother Bambe walking towards her and remembers her little brother Farid being taken away by the terrorists. The episode ends with Sejal shouting Farid as Bambe is hit by a bike.

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