Spy Bahu 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Veera Nanda is exposed


Spy Bahu 22nd September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan trying to tell Sejal about what happened last night but Drishti comes to call them. Yohan changes the topic and doesn’t tell the truth to Sejal. She asks him if he is fine and that they need to keep an eye on Veera. Veera places all the poisonous camphors in the aarti diya and thinks how she cleverly worked on her plan. Shalini sees and thinks dangerous mother in law in too calm. She tells the same to Sejal.

Sejal doubts that Veera is doing something in pretense of praying. Veera tells Krish that she is having severe sinus and he should go and bring her medicine. He says about puja but she forcibly sends him. Drishti sees all this and informs to Sejal. Drishti says she needs to check what Veera is doing. But Arun stops her in the way and asks where Yohan is. Sejal tells he is coming soon. Sejal goes to Bappa’s idol and find Veera gone. Priest asks her about the necklace for idol. She says she had placed it with all the things. She starts searching for necklace and mistakenly drops the poisonous camphor near modaks.

Sejal says she will get another necklace. She thinks if Veera and necklace missing are both related. Veera instructs the servants to close all the doors and windows once puja starts as smoke from puja should stay inside. Sejal understands its related to her plan. Yohan comes ghere and suddenly Sejal starts crying with pain. Arun asks her if baby is fine. Yohan tells if she had her medicine empty stomach or not. She denies. Yohan asks Drishti to bring the medicine. Arun tells puja can be postponed and Sejal should be taken to doctor.

Veera panics and thinks how her plan will work. She gives excuse of auspicious timing and says baby will get blessings of Bappa. Sejal agrees to do puja. Priest asks Veera to do aarti as always but she says this year Sejal will be doing it. As soon as the smoke from camphor starts spreading everyone fall down while Veera stands aside wearing her mask. She gets happy and says now no Nandas are alive and all the property and business belongs to her. Veera starts confession of all her crimes and how Sejal was saying the truth.

Veera is shocked to see Krish standing there and he asks her to stay away from him. Gradually everyone gets up too. Veera is dumbfounded and wonders how her plan can fail. Sejal tells her how earlier she had seen the mice eating modak with camphor mixed dying and understood about her plan. When she had acted about feeling sick, Yohan and Drishti had quickly replaced all the camphor with non poisonous ones and Yohan had informed Arun and guests to do some aasan which will be blissful for the child. The episode ends with Veera being speechless while Sejal smirks happily.

The Episode Ends.

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