Spy Bahu 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Avishek plans to kill Yohan and Sejal.


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The episode starts with SK calling Sejal and telling did she remove camera from Yohan’s room? Sejal tells she removed it after returning from Mumbai as she doesn’t want to interfere in his personal life as he is not a terrorist. SK tells he saw her video and is ready to give benefit of doubt to Yohan. Tanhaji tells Sejal now she can leave that house today itself. Sejal thinks she was waiting for this day but today she is not happy at all. SK tells Sejal now every member of Nanda house is under doubt so she cannot leave the house.

SK tells Shah was about to take someone’s name and terrorists are linked to Nanda house so we have to find someone linked to both of them. Yohan saves Sejal from falling in the pool. Yohan tells there was a time we hated each other and then we supported each other and now we are saving each other like we are doing it for ourselves and you still want to leave after six months? Sejal tells no and Yohan stares at her. Sejal tells it is not necessary that what we want is always right. Avishek removes the brakes of Yohan’s car.

Yohan tells so let us make our relationship which is above right and wrong where we just support each other and asks Sejal to be his friend so that even if she leaves after six months we can be friends. Sejal and Yohan shake hands. Sejal’s hiccup starts and Yohan jokes maybe her hiccups have crush on him so it leaves no chance to come infront of him. Avishek tells we had to kill useful person like Shah and Yohan and Sejal will pay for it by dying tomorrow.

Avishek’s tells Sirji Yohan and Sejal will leave for award ceremony but never reach there as he removed their car’s brake. Sejal prays in morning with her injured hand and the aarti thali is about to fall but Yohan holds it and they pray together. Drishti and Veera get emotional watching Yohan pray with Sejal.

Drishti tells this is the same person who told he would never enter temple. Veera tells today Yohan is praying for the first time after Aarti didi’s death and it is possible only because of Sejal. Yohan gives Aarti to the family members upon Sejal’s insisting. Drishti invites Yohan and Sejal to Avishek’s bravery award function. Sejal tries combining her hairs with one hand but hurts herself. Yohan tells Sejal to let him comb her hair and if it doesn’t pain she will have to praise him.

 Sejal tells and if it pains even once he will have to call her by her correct name. Yohan combs Sejal’s hair and Sejal stares at him. Yohan tells Sejal she can stare at him as much as she wants as he is her husband for the next six months. Sejal tells she was just looking how did he know to comb hairs. Yohan tells he had to learn it after his mother passed away for Drishti. Yohan reminds Sejal of the challenge and tells her to begin praising him.

Sejal starts praising him in Gujrati and it all goes over Yohan’s head and runs away from there. Avishek leaves for the function with Shera and Drishti and tells Drishti to ask if Yohan has left? Sejal tells Drishti they are just about to sit in car. Avishek thinks soon he will get the news of Yohan and Sejal’s death. Yohan is about to start the car but finds Bamba standing in front of them. Sejal asks Bamba where are mummy and papa? Yohan tells did he run away again like last time? Bamba tells mummy has sent thepla and khakra for her but he cannot tell her where they are.

 Saras and Minal are hiding in disguise outside the house. Yohan tells now we cannot leave Bamba alone so I will tell Drishti we cannot come. Avishek gets frustrated on knowing that they are saved again. Bamba asks Yohan how did Sejal get hurt? Yohan tells he will take care that won’t happen again, atleast never till she is with him. Sejal tries calling her father but he doesn’t pick up. The episode ends with Sejal thinking everything is ok at her home.

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