Spy Bahu 25th August 2022 Written Update: Yohan takes Sejal back to Nanda Mansion


Spy Bahu 25th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan saying Khakra Jal Gya but Sejal doesn’t say the same rather says its the oil that got spilled. Yohan is left speechless however he says they should leave to go to their house now. Lakshmi comes and says about Kajri’s husband beating her. Yohan tries to stop him but he taunts Yohan for leaving his pregnant wife. Sejal again stops him and he pushes her harshly. Sejal is about to fall but Yohan saves her.

Yohan gets angry and beats up Kajri’s husband. Kajri begs him to spare his life as they have two children. Sejal tells Kajri to leave that guy and stay where she is respected. However he begs for forgiveness. Kajri thanks Yohan and Sejal for saving her married life. Yohan feels guilty of leaving Sejal back then and remembers how she kept saying she is innocent. Whole village gather to bid farewell to Paro aka Sejal. She asks children to practice maths and she will come later to test them. Lakshmi also gives a her gift and calls her lucky for going back to her own home.

Bapuji says he will do all the rituals of Bidaai as Paro is their daughter. They share an emotional moment. Sejal asks about Harsh. Bapuji thinks Harsh cannot see her leaving. Sejal asks if he is angry at her. Harsh comes and teases her again. He gifts her a photo frame with his and Bapuji’s picture along with Paro. She starts crying. Harsh warns Yohan not to make her cry in future but Yohan tells he knows very well to take care of his wife and asks Sejal to sit in the car.

Ahana comes to meet her boyfriend Arbaaz. She acts nice to him and says as soon as her mission is over she will come back to him and hugs him. She sees Shalini clicking her pictures. Ahana goes to Shalini and deletes the picture from her phone. She also punctures tyre of Shalini’s car. On the way Yohan gets a call from Mahira. She asks him where he had been. He tells about returning back by night and he has a surprise. Ahana gets very happy. Sejal feels possessive and asks about who the lady was. Yohan tells it was his childhood friend Mahira.

Sejal asks why his friend lives with him, he tells about Sejal living with her friend Harsh. Sejal asks if she lived with them even when she was either and she didn’t feel jealous. Yohan tells Sejal that she was world’s best wife and knew how much Yohan loves her so she never felt insecure. At Nanda mansion, Ahana informs Veera and Arun about Yohan coming back and they plan to do the engagement along with Janmashtami Puja. Shalini comes in a messy condition but cannot tell truth about Ahana as she doesn’t have any proof. The Janmashtami function takes place and they wait for Yohan to return. Episode ends with Yohan thinking he will fight for rights of his baby.

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