Spy Bahu 26th July 2022 Written Update: Fake Mahira enters Nanda mansion


Spy Bahu 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan and Sejal confessing love to each other again and again. Yohan says she is tied with him for lifetime and cannot go anywhere. Sejal feels elated and emotional too. Suddenly it starts raining and both of them hold hand and run together. They laugh out heartily. Yohan looks romantically at Sejal and removes her glasses. Sejal gives her permission and they start dancing closely. As the music plays Yohan and Sejal get intimate and spend time together.

Fake Mahira is shown running in rain with her umbrella and Mahira’s childhood picture. She comes to Nanda mansion and falls at door weakly. Shalini shouts loud which startles Yohan and Sejal. They wonder what’s happening. Shalini tells that there is no Cuckoo there. Fake Mahira tells she is Mahira and falls unconscious.

Sejal is left stunned with the happenings and wonder why is Yohan believing her when she wrote everything in the letter. Yohan calls doctor for checking her. Fake Mahira gains consciousness. She introduces herself as Mahira Mirza. Yohan feels emotionally confused while Sejal is in dilemma about everything.

Fake Mahira says she came there to search for Cuckoo and she had seen news about him donating 70 crore for Kashmir welfare. She tells she didn’t know his name or address but was looking for him since years. She lies and shows her fake identity card with name as Mahira. Shalini asks about her family and she tells her parents already died and her brother Farid is somewhere in the same city and she needs Yohan’s help to find him. Sejal thinks how does she know so many things.

Shalini tells Mahira that Yohan is already married and introduces Sejal as Mrs Nanda. Mahira tells she is very beautiful and also very lucky. Yohan is confused.

Sejal charges her angrily and asks for proof.Fake Mahira acts innocent and tells about the poem and place Yohan used to visit with his mother during vacation. She also shows a childhood photo of Mahira and Yohan. Sejal is drawn into her memories of past as kid with Yohan and she hurriedly runs to her room. She checks her cupboard and finds the photo missing. She realizes Veera has done this but is confused when all this happened. Yohan comes and questions her why is she behaving like this.

Sejal is shocked and asked him if he read her letter properly. Yohan says he read it multiple times and is even carrying with himself but how is all this related to Mahira. Sejal checks the letter and is utterly shocked to see the letter had been changed and Yohan doesn’t know any truth about her. On other side Veera laughs madly as she sits with the skeleton she addresses as Aarti and thinks now Sejal is completely trapped in her plan and the episode ends with Veera saying Sejal’s replacement has already entered Nanda mansion.

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