Spy Bahu 27th July 2022 Written Update: Yohan assures Sejal he loves only her


Spy Bahu 27th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan consoling Sejal. He tells her that no matter what, he loves her only. Yohan tells Sejal not to feel uncomfortable because of Mahira’s presence as she was his past and only his friend but she is his wife and his future. He hugs Sejal while she is blank and confused how her letter was replaced and now Yohan doesn’t know about her truth. Shalini comes and tells Yohan that Mahira is calling him.

Sejal thinks that Mahira learnt everything about her past from her letter and even got evidence like her and Farid’s DNA reports, also Farid’s confession which he gave her before dying. Sejal hurriedly checks her email and finds everything gone. She feels devastated. Sejal realizes even after knowing the truth Veera didn’t expose it to Yohan because she wanted to give her identity to Fake Mahira. Veera laughs with the skeleton and thinks about how she has removed all evidence of Abhishek being a terrorist. Flashback shows how she had got the letter from Yohan’s office and given it to Ahana.

Veera told Ahana to by heart those memories and behave as if she is one who had lived those and not Sejal. Ahana addresses her as SirJi and tells in her training she has taught them everything other than doing mistakes and assures she will do her work properly.

At mansion, Yohan asks Ahana to have soup as she has to take medicines. She gives him money and acts weak. Ahana tries to make Yohan feel guilty by talking about past and how he had promised to marry her. Yohan tells her that they were kids and he didn’t know what love means.

Yohan strictly tells Ahana that he only loves Sejal and she shouldn’t expect anything from him. He asks her again to have soup. She intentionally drops her hand inside the hot bowl and burns her fingers. Yohan worriedly starts caring for her. Sejal comes and sees this and feels hurt.

Veera also comes there with bowl of ice and taunts Sejal. Sejal answers her back and acts nice to Ahana. She applies ice and Ahana feels annoyed as her plan to stay near Yohan failed. Later, again Sejal was confused how to tell her truth about being Mahira to Yohan as she doesn’t have any evidence.

Yohan hugs Sejal and tells her not to over stress herself. Veera asks Ahana to attract Yohan and make him fall for her. Ahana tells she has planned her strategy well. During breakfast, Yohan sits next to Drishti and Ahana is about to sit next to him but Drishti tells its Sejal’s seat and doesn’t allow her. Ahana starts crying and says she remembered her brother Farid. Yohan sits next to her to console her. Sejal comes and sits in between them. Sejal acts cool and tells Ahana to make Yohan her bhaijaan. The episode ends with Veera thinking what’s Sejal’s new plan.

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